Creating a Network of Clean Air Urban Walking Routes Starts with Real-Time Air Monitoring

A prominent UK non-profit and a leading environmental data analytics company used handheld air quality monitoring systems to design a series of environmentally friendly

Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD)

Co-location field trial satisfies Georgia EPD of viability of Near Reference sensor-based air monitors for smog air quality assessments.

Shaoxing EPA

The Shaoxing EPA used the Dust Sentry to build its town-level PM2.5 monitoring network to comply with China's new air quality monitoring regulation.

Los Angeles Community Air Monitoring Network

The project has brought together several organisations: SC AQMD with a STAR grant from U.S. EPA & Aeroqual, as part of a government-funded research

New York City Department of Environmental Protection

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is the agency responsible for New York’s environment.

Tonglu Environment Protection Agency

Tonglu Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the organisation responsible for keeping Tonglu County’s environment pristine.

New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage

OEH supports the community, business and government in protecting the environment in New South Wales.

Delhi Pollution Control Committee

Delhi Pollution Control Committee is responsible for the measurement and management of air quality in India's capital city.

Dubai Municipality Air Quality Network

Dubai is known throughout the world as a bold and forward-thinking city. When Dubai Municipality needed to upgrade their air quality network they chose