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Our Ozone Range

Series 500 Handheld Monitor

Portable Ozone Monitors

Our portable ozone monitors are simple tools for Health and Safety Managers and individuals alike to gather real-time information on ozone levels both indoors and outdoors.

Series 900 Fixed Ozone Monitor

Fixed Ozone Monitors

Our fixed ozone monitors use our best-in-class ozone sensor technology, so you can accurately measure and monitor ozone levels to comply with process control and health and safety.

SM50 Ozone Sensor

Ozone OEM Sensors

Our multi-functional ozone sensor circuit is designed for use by OEMs who wish to access our state of the art sensor technology and integrate it into their own equipment.

Our Clients

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COVID-19 Ozone Blog

Does ozone sterilization kill the Coronavirus which causes COVID-19?

We look at how ozone sterilization can be used in the fight against the Coronavirus COVID-19, and its associated benefits and risks.

Measuring Ozone Blog

What’s best for measuring ozone, electrochemical sensors or HMOS?

Electrochemical sensors and heated metal oxide sensors (HMOS) are the two leading technologies for the low-cost measurement of ozone. 

Jimco Ozone Case Study

Jimco A/S Case Study

Jimco used the S930 ozone monitor to effectively measure ozone levels during and after the sterilization process.