Thank you for showing an interest in our recent webinar on monitoring fugitive dust emissions and the techniques needed to comply with South Coast AQMD’s Rule 1466.

The Pre-Approved Dust Sentry PM10 Dust Monitor

Our Dust Sentry PM10 Dust Monitor is pre-approved by South Coast AQMD for use on construction and remediation projects that need to comply with Rule 1466.

The Dust Sentry PM10 Dust Monitor can also be used for:

Other Industrial operators who need a cost-effective and robust solution to show particulate levels generated by site activities are within regulatory or permitted limits:

  • Quarry and mine operations
  • Port and bulk handling terminals
  • Waste management sites.

Environmental Consultants who require defensible particulate measurement for their clients’ air quality permits.

Regulatory authorities who require deployable rapid response monitoring.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) managers who need to demonstrate that they are providing a safe work environment.

Researchers who are on a limited budget and want to collect accurate, scientifically robust data.

Contact us to discuss how our monitors can take the time, hassle and risk out of your next air quality monitoring project.

Featured Case Studies

SCS Engineers

SCS Engineers

Air Monitoring at remediation site to comply with SCAQMD Rule 1466.

SISK Group - Wembley City Regeneration project using Aeroqual Dust Sentry monitors

Wembley City Regeneration

Construction compliance with dust emission guidelines.

Ridley Coal Terminals case study

Ridley Coal Terminals

Coal bulk terminals emissions management.

TRC Companies Inc

TRC Companies Inc.

Dust monitoring at a global consulting firm.