In the mining, energy, petrochemical, construction and waste industries our customers are under increasing pressure to mitigate their impact on the surrounding environment. Air quality regulation is shifting the burden from publicly funded monitoring to monitoring funded by industry (with public oversight).

Correctly verifying pollution levels can be difficult and expensive

Industrial facilities are often clustered together and served by busy transport corridors. If a pollution problem exists it can often be blamed on the industrial facility rather than on some other factor. Or, if other factors can be isolated, the wrong facility might get the blame. Industrial companies have the choice to rely on the local air quality monitoring network (if there is one) or invest in their own equipment. But ambient pollution monitoring equipment for most companies is prohibitively expensive.

A lower cost alternative for monitoring industrial permimeters

Our solutions for industrial fenceline monitoring offer a genuine alternative to traditional, high cost ambient air quality monitoring systems. We make accurate and affordable instruments which give warnings in real-time, are simple to maintain, and can be quickly deployed and re-deployed. By calibrating and cross-referencing to reference analyzers the integrity of the air quality data is assured.

Flexible tools for ambient pollution monitoring

Our product range spans portable (handheld) monitors for checking pollution hot spots and conducting short term surveys, through to compact air quality monitoring stations for mobile, semi-permanent and permanent monitoring. These instruments can be configured to log real time data on gas, particulate, noise and weather parameters. Data can be transmitted wirelessly and accessed online via remote PC.

Learn more about products suited to this application:

AQM 60 – compact station for short or long term monitoring of multiple gases, particulate, noise, wind and weather

Dust Sentry – lightweight unit for short or long term monitoring of particulate (PM10, 2.5, 1, and TSP)

Series 500 ENV – ultra-portable instrument for checking ‘hot spots’ and/or doing short term surveys of multiple gases

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