Here you will find the Pre-Purchase Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Aeroqual’s OEM Ozone Sensor (SM50).

1. Is the SM50 suitable for my application?

Aeroqual offers the SM50 ozone sensor board as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solution for integration into commercial applications where ozone measurement is required.

For do-it-yourself (DIY) applications, or if you’re looking for a cheap solution for research, we recommend you read this blog.

As an OEM solution, the SM50 has a minimum order quantity expectation – discuss your requirements with us.

2. What communication protocols are available?

There are multiple outputs included as standard on the sensor board including: diagnostic LED’s, 0-5 V signal, relay output, RS232, and RS485 digital communications. There is also an I2C port on the board, which has no function and is reserved for future development by Aeroqual.

Note: Aeroqual does not provide programming, coding or other protocols other than what is offered.

3. How do I get readings from the SM50?

The SM50 sensor board’s digital information output is based on a serial command protocol provided by Aeroqual. Alternatively, you can use the 0-5 Vdc analogue output.

4. What gas measurement data is available from the SM50?

The SM50 outputs ozone gas measurements in parts per million (ppm). No other gases are available.

5. What is the performance of the SM50?

The SM50 is available in three models with the following measurement ranges:

  • SM50 UZ   0-0.15 ppm
  • SM50 LZ    0-0.5 ppm
  • SM50 GZ   0-10 ppm

The specifications, including accuracy, resolution and response of the sensors, are in the sensor specification sheet.

6. Can the SM50 be calibrated?

The SM50 is factory calibrated. However, it will need to be replaced when calibration is due.

7. What is the expected life of the sensor?

As a guide, assume your sensor will last one year. However, higher exposure levels or harsh environments can lead to a significant reduction in performance and/or life expectancy.

8. What environmental factors need consideration?

The SM50 uses Aeroqual’s proprietary gas sensitive semiconductor (GSS) technology. You can download a technical note about ozone measurements using the GSS technology here.

9. Where can the SM50 be used?

The SM50 is designed for integration into products and instruments for ambient ozone monitoring.

10. What are the factors to consider about the SM50?

  • The SM50 is intended for OEM integrators
  • Sensor board size: 60 mm x 75 mm
  • Environmental operating temperature range: 0°C to 50°C (-20°C to 50°C if enclosed).
  • Operating humidity range: 5% to 95% RH (non-condensating)
  • The SM50 only measures ozone
  • The SM50 has no data storage
  • The SM50 has no display
  • The SM50 cannot be re-calibrated
  • The SM50 is a sensor board and does not come with an enclosure
  • The SM50 does not come with its own programming. This will need to be developed by the integrator

For a complete package for ozone monitoring, please consider Aeroqual’s other ozone products.

SM50 – Ozone Sensor Circuit