Dust Monitor Service Kit

The Dust Monitor service kit includes all the essential tools to perform onsite service and calibration checks to maintain the instrument’s performance. The kit includes:
  • Carry case to hold all your service gear
  • Flowmeter (0.2-2.5L/min) to check and assist with flow adjustments
  • A zero filter and flow assembly for manual zero checks and flowmeter to inlet connection
  • 1 meter of Tygon tube for replacing damaged or dirty sample and exhaust lines
  • 2 x replacement flow adjusters
  • A selection of replacement luer fittings
  • PM O-ring silicon lubricant
  • O-ring for PM base inlet
  • Tube cutter for clean cutting tygon tube
  • Brass insert for Tygon tube
  • Vacuum gauge for leak test
  • Long stem screwdriver

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