We offer a range of resources and services for products in the field. See below for more details or take a look at other useful links on the Support menu.

Aeroqual Care

Aeroqual Care is a comprehensive annual technical support service for your instrument. Customers who have instruments under the Aeroqual Care programme can receive free phone support and priority email technical support.

Aeroqual Care includes Aeroqual Plus Software which contains all software features available, including: data storage and automated text or email alerts configured by the customer.

In addition to advanced technical support, instruments with Aeroqual Care qualify for preferential pricing on spare parts and consumables during the period of the Care subscription.

Aeroqual Care can purchased with the AQM 65, Dust Monitors, AQS 1 and AQY 1.

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User Guides and Technical Notes

The latest user guides and technical notes for our products are located on the Technical Documents page.

You may also be interested in our growing library of FAQs (frequently asked questions).


Knowledge is power! Use our training resources to become an expert.

For our Dust Monitor and AQM 65 Air Quality Stations please register and access online training HERE.

For our Portable and Fixed Monitors please access our support centre HERE.

Service and Repair

Aeroqual supports all our current products operating in the field. We also offer a recalibration service for all sensor heads. A multi-point calibration against NIST traceable standards will be performed and a new calibration certificate issued. Only the sensor head needs to be returned for recalibration.

If your instrument requires repair, servicing or recalibration please contact your local distributor who will be able to provide further assistance. Alternatively, please contact us with details of the instrument type, serial number and service required. We will issue an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number and give you instructions on shipping the product to us.