Here you will find the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Aeroqual’s AQS Mini Air Quality Stations.

1. Why can’t I see values from the expected time period in Cloud?

There could be a couple of reasons, try these common troubleshooting checks in the first instance:

  • Check the time zone configuration of the instruments
  • There is a poor or no connection from the instruments to Cloud. Check the local instrument settings are compatible with your network. If using mobile, check for signal or billing issues.
  • Check the instrument is powered on and is recording data in its local interface (Connect)

2. How do I get my PM engine or gas sensor module calibrated?

All Aeroqual PM engines need to be returned to the Met One Instruments factory in the U.S for service and calibration at the following recommended intervals:

  • AQS Particle Monitor: 24 Months
  • AQS Particle Profiler: 12 Months

Aeroqual can arrange for this service. Contact for further details

Refer to the User Guide for field calibration of gas sensor modules.

3. What should I do if I see this in my display: “Sensor due for replacement or sensor failure”?

The sensor baseline resistance reached the point that it is impossible to calibrate within specifications. The sensor should be replaced soon. Contact your distributor for a replacement module, or contact Aeroqual.

4. Is there a tripod that I can use to mount my AQS?

Yes, there is, the part number is “AQS R7”. Contact us with this part number to find out more.


  • 1.8m high extends to 3m
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Aluminium & Stainless Steel


  • Sensor Mount 1 Inch diameter 25.4mm 3/4-inch IPS
  • Tripod Weight 7.3 Kg

Any tripod available in your local market can also be sourced.

5. Do you provide API access to my data?

Yes, you can find the protocol under AQS Resources (Product Software). You will need an appropriate licence, please contact your local distributor for pricing.

6. Why do I get error 403 when using the Cloud API to retrieve data?

This could be one of two issues:

  • The unit doesn’t have the API licence
  • The user doesn’t have API access

Note that Technical Support need to upgrade your account to give you an API access. Please contact your distributor or Aeroqual support: Charges may apply.

7. I have an old AQS, can I integrate a profiler and a third-party environmental sensor?

Yes, you can integrate a Nephelometer or a Profiler in your old AQS.

Third party environmental sensors can also be integrated. See below list.

  • Gill WindSonic (ultrasonic wind sensor)
  • Vaisala WXT536 (weather transmitter)
  • Met One MSO (weather transmitter)
  • Cirrus MK427 Class 1 (noise sensor)
  • Novalynx Pyranometer (solar radiation)

If your third-party sensor is not in the below list, then make sure that there is an Analog output of 4-20mA available in the unit. Note that charges may apply to activate a third-party sensor that is not on the list above.

8. Can a Nephelometer engine act as a Profiler on my AQS?

No. A Nephelometer only measures a single size fraction. A Profiler measures four size fractions simultaneously. If you want to measure more than one size fraction, you can purchase a Profiler with associated filters. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

9. How do I turn off the AQS monitor?

First shut down the EPC by holding down the EPC’s power button until it turns orange.

Then pull out the fuse from the power block. See below picture


10. If we use a SIM card for sending data, what is a typical data plan that we need?

It depends on a couple of factors. For some months, the usage may be higher due to software upgrades. Also, signal strength can affect the reliability of data transmission; poor signal strength can mean lost pockets and the entire data stream needs to be resent. We would suggest starting on a 1GB per month plan and assess after 3 months to see if it can be reduced.

11. How do we connect to the Aeroqual Cloud server?

When using a SIM card or our own WI-FI systems, do we need to know the IP address of your Cloud server to make the connection?

No. The Aeroqual Cloud server is accessible via browser at

The instrument will automatically connect to Cloud provided that you are connected to the internet (by any method) and that the above URL is not blocked by any firewall etc.