Here you will find the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Aeroqual’s Dust Sentry monitors.

1. Does the Dust Sentry have a heated inlet?

Yes. All instruments with Particulate engine use a 12V heater on the sample inlet tube to reduce the humidity of sampled air, which prevents particle growth and fogging of the optics in high RH conditions. The inlet should always be heated. Inlet Specs: 36cm heated inlet

2. Do you have a system where samples can be taken for analysis?

All the instruments without gas modules (Dust Sentry range) can be fitted with a 47mm collection filter holder if requested. It is used to collect particulate samples for composition analysis. Specs: 47mm filter for particle loading analysis.

3. Does Aeroqual perform the factory calibrations to profiler/nephelometer engines?

No. Engines that need calibration are sent back to Met One Instruments directly. Instructions on how to send the engines to Met One Instruments will be provided by Aeroqual’s technical team along with an RMA number. Contact us if you need to organise this. We recommend the following calibration intervals:

  • Dust Sentry (Nephelometer): 24 Months
  • Dust Sentry Pro (Profiler): 12 Months

Note that turnaround time is 30-45 working days. Please contact your distributor for pricing.

4. Why can I no longer configure alerts from my instrument?

Alerts may only be configured via the Aeroqual Cloud web interface. If alerts can’t be configured in Aeroqual Cloud, then the software licence has likely expired. Please contact your distributor to purchase an upgrade or to renew your licence.

5. I have a spare Particulate matter engine. Do I need a separate Aeroqual Cloud licence for this engine if I intend to use it during calibration of the original engine?

No. The licence is applied to the instrument’s serial number, not individual modules.

6. Our dust monitor is offline for 3 months now, do I need to recalibrate it before I use it again?

Yes. It’s is advisable to re-calibrate an instrument before beginning any new projects.

7. My unit is displaying Error 500 when I try to access the Aeroqual Cloud interface on-board my instrument. How do I fix this?

There could be a couple of reasons, try these common trouble-shooting checks in the first instance:

  • Clear internet browsing history and attempt to try again
  • Restart the instrument
  • Hard Drive may have failed in the EPC component. Please contact your distributor for replacement.