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Pre-purchase FAQs

If you have enquired with a question about one of our air quality monitors, it may be covered in the pre-purchase FAQs. These cover the most common questions you may have when deciding if a product is the right solution for your air monitoring requirements. Click on the product(s) you are interested in below to see more.


Outdoor air quality monitors - Aeroqual

Outdoor Air Quality

Our sensor-based outdoor air quality monitoring equipment, stations and systems allow you to measure ambient pollution for less cost and complexity than those based on traditional analyser technology.

Indoor air quality monitors - Aeroqual

Indoor Air Quality

Use our wall-mounted and handheld air quality monitors, meters and sensors to measure the quality of indoor air and ensure the safety and comfort of workers in commercial and industrial environments.

Ozone air quality monitors - Aeroqual

Ozone Monitoring & Control

We leverage our world class ozone sensors based on gas sensitive semiconductor technology to deliver robust monitors for the precise detection, measurement and control of ozone in air.


Dust Sentry or Dust Sentry Pro – Which dust monitor is right for you?

Aeroqual makes two different types of instrument for measuring airborne dust and particulate – the Dust Sentry and Dust Sentry Pro. Both use an optical

Mar 23, 2020