Discover our new handheld monitors.

Outdoors or indoors our handheld monitors will help you overcome your next measurement challenge. Over 30 gas sensors to choose from.
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A revolution in outdoor air quality.

Our sensor-based outdoor air quality instruments are changing the way people, companies and governments measure and manage the air we breathe.
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The world's best ozone sensors.

Based on gas sensitive semiconductor technology our ozone sensors offer unparalleled performance whilst still being cost effective and easy to use.
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Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring

Our sensor-based outdoor air quality monitoring equipment, stations and systems allow you to measure ambient pollution for less cost and complexity than those based on traditional analyser technology.

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Ozone Monitoring & Control

We leverage our proprietary ozone sensors based on gas sensitive semiconductor technology to deliver robust monitors for the precise detection, measurement and control of ozone in air.

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Indoor & Industrial Air Quality

Use our wall-mounted and handheld air quality monitors, meters and sensors to measure the quality of indoor air and ensure the safety and comfort of workers in commercial and industrial environments.

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