City highways with vehicle air pollution

Vehicle Pollution Monitoring

Our flexible, cost-effective solutions enable organizations and community groups to build dense, targeted monitoring networks, producing an accurate picture of vehicle emissions.

Vehicle emissions from cars in traffic

Leading cause of urban air pollution

Vehicle emissions are one of the leading causes of urban air pollution worldwide. With global vehicle ownership now surpassing the 2 billion mark, understanding the impact of these emissions on air quality and human health is fundamental to building healthier cities where people can thrive.

Vehicles waiting in traffic and the need for pollution monitoring for exhausts

Vehicle pollution monitoring equipment needs to be compact and real-time

Installing reference air quality monitoring systems based on gas analyzer technology is one way to measure vehicle emissions. But these systems can be both sizeable and expensive, limiting the number of potential monitoring locations. In addition, analyzers tend to only log data every 30 or 60 minutes, providing insufficient temporal resolution for the measurement of air quality at traffic peaks. This method places a heavy emphasis on modeling to complete the air quality picture.


“Current sophisticated, expensive ambient air pollution monitoring technology is not economically sustainable as the sole approach and cannot keep up with current needs, specifically new monitoring networks and special-purpose monitoring.”

U.S. EPA: New Generation Air Monitoring Roadmap 2013

Monitoring roadside emissions through Aeroqual solutions

Aeroqual enables roadside networks and targeting of “hotspots”

Our emphasis on smaller, more cost-effective monitors enables denser, more targeted networks for measuring roadside emissions. Two-minute logging intervals help paint a true picture of air pollution at peak exposure. Whether measuring tunnel particulate, checking NO2 ‘hotspots’, or undertaking long-term monitoring, we have a range of cutting-edge solutions available. Our systems are perfect for anyone building and managing roads and highways, as well as for organisations seeking to mitigate the impact of vehicle emissions on urban air quality.

Empowering communities against roadside air pollution

Air quality monitoring empowers communities to combat vehicle pollution

Community air quality monitoring projects provide invaluable insights into the effect of vehicle emissions on your surroundings. We help community organizations become better equipped to lobby local authorities and effect positive change using accurate, credible air quality data.

Vehicle pollution monitoring made easy

Our integrated air monitoring systems help you reduce air pollution and meet clean air goals.