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Our industry-leading product range spans everything from outdoor and indoor applications to ozone monitoring and industrial hygiene.

We’ve helped air monitoring professionals and community groups all over the world find the perfect solution to their air monitoring needs.


Maximize your data quality and get more from your network with our software.


The ultimate connected handheld air quality monitor, combining simultaneous real-time measurements in an ultra-portable device.

Dust Sentry

A robust particulate and dust monitor, providing continuous real-time measurement to assist with compliance on a range of outdoor projects.

AQS Series

A compact, high-performing air quality monitor providing simultaneous measurement of particulate matter and up to three gaseous pollutants.

AQM Series

A complete air monitoring solution measuring up to 20 different gaseous and particulate pollutants and environmental parameters in real-time.

S Series

Our portable range of handheld devices for monitoring on-the-go.


An affordable, highly portable monitoring system delivering accurate hyperlocal data for networks of all sizes.

Series 900

Fixed indoor, ozone and VOC monitors to protect sensitive receptors from harmful airborne pollutants. Used for health and safety, leak detection and more.


Maximize performance and minimize downtime with our air quality monitoring services.

Customize your Aeroqual system

Our flexible systems are compatible with just about any air quality problem. No matter the project, we’ll help you build out the perfect solution.