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Aeroqual OneView

Aeroqual OneView is the ultimate air monitoring software solution for environmental consultants

Achieve regulation-specific compliance with ease, minimize potential liability, and supercharge your reporting. Simply select the regulation and exceedance limit you need and let the software do the rest.

Create reports at the click of a button or schedule a daily report to be automatically delivered to your inbox

Access project critical information on the go via an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface.

Stay one step ahead and act swiftly before an exceedance occurs, with real-time alerts.

Save time and let the software generate automated daily reports, giving you a competitive edge in bidding for new projects.

Reduce errors and eliminate the need for repetitive data work-up with automated calculations tailored to specific regulations.

Software that provides automated calculations and real-time alerts

Streamlined Regulatory Compliance:

• Automated site contribution calculations with support for multiple monitors.
• Built-in report templates tailored to local regulations including South Coast AQMD Rule 1466, NY DER-10, and NJ PAM.
• Automated switching between initial, 2-hour rolling, and 30-minute rolling averages during exceedances.

Live Data Access & Real-time Alerts:

• View project level data in charts and tables and save for use in custom reports.
•, Download monitoring data in .CSV format,
• Access real-time site contribution calculations updated every minute.
• View wind direction, wind speed, and monitor locations on a site map.
• Look back at historical data for selected date ranges.
• SMS and email alerts for user-defined trigger levels.
• Alerts for both instantaneous and average calculations.

Comprehensive Reporting:

• Overlay user-defined action levels on charts and reports.
• Schedule automated daily reports.
• Customize reports with your company logo.

Compliance is key for efficient remediation

Aeroqual OneView streamlines the way remediators and air quality professionals manage pollution. Using automatic calculations and real-time alerts, OneView helps you to maintain compliance with local regulations and protects the surrounding community from fugitive emissions.

OneView software allows you to access your project air data from anywhere, anytime, via an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface. Includes built-in report templates for site remediation regulations such as NYS DER-10, NJ PAM and South Coast AQMD Rule 1466. Real-time alerts of dust, air toxics and contaminants of concern enable you to take action before an exceedance occurs, keeping your workers and the local community safe.

Access real-time data from anywhere via a mobile friendly interface, with customizable averaging periods and exceedance levels.

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