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Leader in Air Quality Monitoring

Aeroqual’s integrated monitoring and software systems make it simple and easy to measure the air.

Air is precious

The average person fills their lungs 20,000 times a day. Every breath brings in life-giving oxygen and carries carbon dioxide away.

As COVID-19 has demonstrated, we are incredibly vulnerable when we breathe. Nine out of ten people breathe air deemed unsafe. Every year 4.2 million people die from air pollution. Even as air quality improves for many people, scientists are lowering their estimates for what constitutes an acceptable risk. Air quality is not uniform; in the cleanest city people are exposed to highly localised pollution sources that mostly go undetected. Little surprise that air quality has become one of the defining issues of our time.

Enabling air quality professionals

Environmental, health and safety professionals are the people who protect us from the threat of bad air. At home, in the workplace and across our cities, these professionals are making decisions that affect the lives of 8 billion people. They do an incredibly important job, and they should be celebrated.

Unfortunately, the tools and processes those professionals use to make decisions are outdated, inefficient and unconnected. Their time is wasted collecting, collating and processing data – precious time that should be spent interpreting and acting upon what the data is saying.

Aeroqual is on a mission to change that. We’ve built a global air quality monitoring platform that takes the hassle out of air quality measurement and analysis, a toolset that frees our customers up to make the decisions that matter.

If air quality matters to you, please join us.

Our Team

Mark Templeton CEO Aeroqual

Mark Templeton

Chief Executive Officer

Geoff Henshaw Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Geoff Henshaw

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Moorby

Andrew Moorby

Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy Turner VP Operations and Supply Chain Aeroqual

Jeremy Turner

VP Operations and Supply Chain

Kara-Lucia Parkin

Kara-Lucia Parkin

Head of People, Culture & Quality

Simon Bennett VP Product Development & Support Aeroqual

Simon Bennett

VP Engineering


Simon Allen

Chief Commercial Officer (NAM)

Paul Pickering

Paul Pickering

VP Strategic Accounts (NAM)

Brian Newgent

Brian Newgent

Senior Account Manager (NAM)

Robert Ford

Robert Ford

Business Development Manager (NAM)


Dean Andrews

Channel Development Manager