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An Aeroqual Monitor for Every Application

We design industry-leading solutions that meet today’s air monitoring challenges. Delivering quality, defensible data in any setting, across all project types.

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Advanced Sensor Technology

Our patented sensor technology makes air monitoring easy, producing accurate, trusted data for any application.

Real-time Remote Monitoring

Optimize your network for project success with real-time remote monitoring solutions to suit every budget.

A Global Leader

We’ve partnered with government organizations, researchers, and consultants on thousands of successful projects in over 70 countries.

Our applications

Outdoor air quality monitoring

Outdoor Air Monitoring

Protect communities and workers from poor quality air, with an accurate outdoor air monitoring system you can trust.

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Monitoring indoor air quality

Indoor Air Monitoring

Accurately measure common indoor air pollutants and breathe easier with our range of fixed and portable indoor air quality monitors.

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Ozone monitoring and applications

Ozone Air Monitoring

Monitor ozone levels in real-time, safeguarding workers while reducing downtime across a range of industrial applications.

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Customize your Aeroqual system

Our cloud-enabled products work together seamlessly, ensuring complete site coverage. No matter the project, we’ll help you find the perfect solution.