Ozone monitoring and applications

Aeroqual Ozone Sensors and Monitors

Monitor ozone levels in real-time, safeguarding workers while reducing downtime across a range of industrial applications.

Measure and control ozone levels in air

Our ozone sensors and monitoring systems are widely used across a range of applications, from industrial hygiene to virus disinfection and the sterilization of commercial and residential buildings.

Gas-sensitive semiconductor technology enables accurate parts-per-billion (ppb) detection at a fraction of the cost of analyzer-based instruments. Employers, health and safety managers, and air quality professionals around the world use our best-in-class ozone sensor technology to protect worker health and achieve regulatory compliance.

What type of ozone sensors and monitoring equipment do I need?

Our portable ozone monitors are widely recognized and used for its proprietary best-in-class ozone technology that delivers highly selective ozone measurement at low concentrations (down to 1 ppb). They can be used both for indoor and outdoor air monitoring. They are ideal for:

  • Process monitoring and control

  • Detecting ozone leaks

  • Ensuring workplace health and safety

  • Mapping outdoor ambient ground-level ozone

  • As an educational tool for students to understand outdoor ozone pollution

  • Personal monitoring

Our fixed ozone meters are designed to measure and control ozone concentrations so that you can:

  • Control an external device, such as an ozone generator

  • Activate an alarm for exceedances

  • Monitor ozone levels for Health and Safety

  • Centrally monitor and control ozone levels across a facility, using a network of monitors

Explore our ozone monitoring products

Why choose an ozone sensor from Aeroqual?

An Aeroqual ozone sensor is recognized for having laboratory precision whilst still being affordable and easy to use in the field. Our range of ozone monitoring products spans portable and fixed instruments, as well as some OEM-ready sensor modules. These products are used all over the world in the laboratories and workplaces of blue chip companies like Samsung, Unilever, and Tesla Motors.

Interchangeable sensors - more monitoring for your money

All of our monitors have been designed to be compatible with multiple sensors – either sensor heads or sensor modules. There is a long list of sensors to choose from – several different ozone sensors plus a whole range of gases incl. CO, CO2, VOCs, and SO2. This let you expand your monitor from ozone only to a multi-purpose air quality instrument.

Jannik Hansen Jimco A/S

“We have tried several other monitors, but the plug-and-play setup of the S930 makes it very easy for us to install and use.”

Jannik Kjær Hansen


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