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Create a safe environment for workers, while purifying clean room areas with ozone.

Clean rooms

Clean rooms are commonly used in a wide variety of industries where small particles or chemicals can adversely affect the manufacturing process. They are carefully monitored rooms where contamination, including dust, airborne microbes and chemical vapours are controlled at a specifically defined concentration. Industries include:

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Biotechnology

  • Medical and life sciences

  • Semiconductor manufacturing

Ozone can be used as an effective disinfectant to purify the air in clean rooms by oxidizing airborne pollutants resulting in decontaminated air. Our monitors are designed to control external devices such as ozone generators as well as provide alerts of ozone exceedances. The flexible nature of our products allows for both control of the ozone purification process and notification to employees that ozone levels have dropped enough prior to entering the room.

Jannik Hansen Jimco A/S

“We have tried several other monitors, but the plug-and play setup of Aeroqual's system makes it very easy for us to install and use.”

Jannik K. Hansen

​Project Sales Manager – JIMCO A/S

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