Protect people and the bottom line with a real-time ozone monitoring system from Aeroqual

Industrial Ozone

Protect people and the bottom line with a real-time ozone monitoring system.

Ozone treatment is a powerful tool for sterilization, hygiene, and odor control, with applications throughout the food, water, manufacturing, and medical industries. But how do you know when an effective dose of ozone has been applied? How can you tell when it’s safe for workers and customers to be around? A real-time ozone monitoring system will give you peace of mind, safeguarding your operations and your people.

Protecting personnel with effective ozone measurement

Protect personnel with effective ozone measurement

Excess exposure to ozone can cause shortness of breath and other respiratory issues. Eliminate the risk of harmful exposure to ozone via our best-in-class ozone monitoring system. Determine when it is safe to occupy ozone-treated areas in real-time. Measure ozone concentration down to 1 part per billion for ultimate assurance.

Building trust with customers and standing out from the pack

Build trust with customers and stand out from the pack

Demonstrate your commitment to health and safety by incorporating real-time feedback in the ozone treatment process. Capture a complete record of the treatment and de-ozonation process for future reference. These steps will ensure your ozone treatment activities are seen as safe, reliable and in line with best practices.

Reducing disruption and overall cost of ozone treatments

Reduce disruption and overall cost of ozone treatments

Reduce disruption and maximize productivity while keeping everyone safe. Where other ozone detectors can remain stuck on a high reading following a period of exposure, our industry-leading ozone measuring system dynamically adjusts in real-time. Track the level of ozone down as concentration reaches safe levels, allowing you to resume production without delay.


Real-Time Triggers

Set threshold alarms and switch integrated systems on and off

Ready to Integrate

Integrate your ozone treatment system with our ozone monitoring system

Accurate & Reliable Measurement

Best in class measurement of ozone at low concentrations

Industrial ozone applications

Jannik Hansen Jimco A/S

“We have tried several other monitors, but the plug-and play setup of Aeroqual's system makes it very easy for us to install and use.”

Jannik K. Hansen

​Project Sales Manager – JIMCO A/S

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Ensure worker health and safety with real-time defensible data you can trust. Get in touch and we’ll help you build out the perfect ozone monitoring solution.