Virus Sterilization

Ozone sterilization is a proven method of removing viral infections such as the Coronavirus, SARS and is being discussed as a tool to combat Coronavirus, COVID-19. In large quantities ozone can be harmful to humans.

Air monitoring is an effective method to ensure the safety of people exposed to ozone during a widespread sterilization process. Get notifications in real-time to your phone or email based on pre-defined thresholds, allowing you to take instant action.




Ozone sterilization can be used to sanitize equipment and to significantly reduce or eliminate the spread of micro-organisms in hospitals. High levels of ozone are required, so people should not be present. An ozone monitor with data-logging is a useful tool during treatment to document that the concentration has reached optimal levels for the appropriate time, and then to check that it is safe for people to re-enter the room. Measurement can help optimize the effective dose and documentation of each room sterilization can support liability issues or complaints.

Commercial & Residential Buildings

The area to be purified is evacuated (including animals and people), the equipment is deployed and ozone concentrations are brought up to very high levels and maintained there for several hours, depending on the problem to be cured. When purification is complete, powerful fans are brought in to evacuate all the ozonated air and oxidized chemicals, the area is tested to ensure a safe ozone level (typically less than 0.05ppm).

An ozone monitor is required to log inside the room to document the concentration reached the appropriate level for the required time while the room is not occupied and also to check that the o3 levels are well below OSHA health & safety levels before people can re-occupy the room. Measurement can help optimize the concentration vs time required to be an effective room sanitizer and documentation can support defense of customer complaints or liability issues.


Case Studies

“The ability of the Series 500 to produce reliable and repeatable ozone readings takes the guesswork out of installations, and boosts the engineer’s and customer’s confidence”

Geoff Allum: Exoair

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