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A little info about our other products

Our collection of other products covers a range of fixed indoor, ozone, and VOC monitors used by air quality professionals and community groups around the world to protect sensitive receptors from harmful airborne pollutants.

Common applications for these systems include health and safety monitoring, real-time networking, indoor air quality monitoring, leak detection, and industrial process control. Measure a wide range of pollutants using our swappable sensor head technology, delivering accurate real-time data.


CO, CO2, NO2, VOCs, O3, SO2, H2, H2S, Cl2, CH2O, CH4, NH3, C2Cl4


Temperature, humidity

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Industry-specific expertise

Indoor air quality monitoring solutions from Aeroqual

Indoor Air Quality

Achieve a healthier, safer and more productive workplace by investing in an indoor air quality testing system.

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Protect people and the bottom line with a real-time ozone monitoring system from Aeroqual

Industrial Ozone

Protect people and the bottom line with a real-time ozone monitoring system.

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Industrial hygiene monitoring by Aeroqual

Industrial Hygiene

Maximize the health and productivity of your workforce with a real-time industrial hygiene air monitoring system from Aeroqual.

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Air monitoring made easy

Take the time and hassle out of your next project with a real-time air quality monitoring solution.