Series 900 Fixed Ozone Monitor

Series 900 – Fixed Ozone Monitor

The Series 900 Fixed Ozone Monitor is a flexible monitor designed to measure and control ozone concentrations in air. Compatible with four ranges of swappable ozone sensor heads. Suitable for use on a range of projects, including ozone generator control, indoor air quality monitoring, and health and safety monitoring.

Compatible with four ranges of ozone sensor heads, plus temperature and humidity

Flexible outputs enable use as a relay controller, gas transmitter, or monitoring network

Lightweight, discrete, and easily wall mountable

Product overview

The Series 900 enables flexible use due to a wide range of outputs and configurations. The monitor can operate in three ways:

  • As a relay controller with user configured set points to control an external device such as an ozone generator or initiate an alarm.

  • As an ozone transmitter via the 4-20 mA output which allows connection to a PLC or current sensing device to provide gas concentration information for applications such as health and safety monitoring.

  • As a monitoring network via the RS485 digital output to enable gas monitoring at several indoor locations with information being logged to a central point.

The Series 900 is lightweight, discrete, and easily wall mountable. It requires a 12V power supply, which is user configurated to allow flexibility in installed locations.

There is also free to download configuration and networking software available under the downloads tab. The configuration software allows for quick and easy configuration of the alarm and control set points. The networking software can be used to log data from a network of monitors to a single PC.

For more information around measuring ozone with our ozone monitors, please view our general guidelines on measuring ozone and factors that can affect ozone measurement.

What can it measure?

The Series 900 Fixed Ozone Monitor is capable of measuring a wide range of gas pollutants, using our swappable sensor head technology.

This product includes:

  • Series 900 monitor base

  • 4-20mA analog output

  • RS485 digital output

  • Low alarm, High alarm, Control and Diagnostic external signal functions

  • Ozone sensor head with calibration certificate (requires specifying)

  • Wall mounting kit

Optional accessories:

  • Temperature and relative humidity sensor

  • USB to RS-485 converter, for changing set points, and 4-20mA output scale

Key benefits of Aeroqual products

Key benefits of Aeroqual products
Industry-leading sensor technology

As sensor manufacturers, we know sensors inside and out and have unparalleled expertise in optimizing performance in real-world conditions.

Protect health and safety of workers with real time industrial hygiene air monitoring
Powerful software platform

Leveraging deep integration with our monitoring systems, we deliver software functionality unmatched by off the shelf data acquisition systems.

Key benefits of Aeroqual products
Value-adding services

Using proprietary system diagnostics, we enable proactive maintenance with hassle-free services that virtually eliminate system downtime.

Who is it for?

Employers, health and safety managers, and air quality professionals use the Series 900 Fixed Ozone Monitor to conduct indoor air quality monitoring and to ensure sensitive receptors are not at risk from overexposure to ozone in air.

Practical applications for the Series 900 Fixed Ozone Monitor include:

  • Ozone generator control

  • Indoor air quality monitoring

  • Health and safety monitoring

  • Real-time networking

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Optional accessories


Software downloads

Download the S900 Series configuration software here.

Download the Aeroqual network software here.


The Series 900, Series 930 and SM70 Fixed Indoor Air Quality Monitors are compatible with different types of sensor heads.

Series 900 fixed monitors are compatible with Type 1 sensor heads (interchangeable)

Series 930 fixed monitors are compatible Type 2 sensor heads (removable/ replaceable)

SM70 fixed monitors have user-defined sensor modules (removable / replaceable)

Series 900 Fixed Monitor

The Series 900 Fixed Monitor is compatible with all available gas sensor heads in our range.

To view the full list, visit the Series 900 Fixed Monitor product page, or view the Portable and Fixed Monitor Sensor Spec Sheet.

Series 930 Fixed Monitor

Ammonia Sensor 0-100ppm

Carbon Monoxide Sensor 0-25ppm

Carbon Monoxide Sensor 0-100ppm

Chlorine Sensor 0-10ppm

Formaldehyde Sensor 0-10ppm

Methane Sensor 0-10000ppm

Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor 0-10ppm

Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor 0-1ppm

Ozone Sensors 0-0.05ppm, 0-.15ppm, 0-0.5ppm, 0-10ppm

Sulfur Dioxide Sensor 0-10ppm

Sulfur Dioxide Sensor 0-100ppm

VOC Sensor 0-25ppm

VOC Sensor 0-20ppm

VOC Sensor 0-2000ppm

SM70 Fixed Monitor

Ozone sensor modules:




No. The PM10 / PM2.5 sensor head is only compatible with the Portable Monitors.

Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements further.

Series 900 Fixed Monitor

The Series 900 is a base unit and does not have an enclosure.

Series 930 Fixed Monitor

The Series 930 enclosure is Polycarbonate/ IP41* NEMA 2** equivalent.

*IP 41 Rating: Protected from tools and small wires greater than 1 millimeter. Protected from condensation.

**NEMA 2: Indoor use to provide a degree of protection against a limited amount of falling water and dirt.

SM70 Fixed Monitor

The SM70 Fixed Monitor enclosure is Polycarbonate/ IP20* NEMA 1** equivalent.

*IP20 Rating: Protected from touch by fingers and objects greater than 12 millimeters.

**NEMA 1: Indoor use primarily to provide a degree of protection against contact with the enclosed equipment and against a limited amount of falling dirt.

How do I calibrate my Fixed Monitor sensor heads?

We recommend that sensor heads be calibrated at least once a year.

Series 900 Fixed Monitor – Type 1 Sensor Head

Factory calibration. Return sensors to Aeroqual for a multi-point calibration and new calibration certificate. Please contact our support team.

Manual calibration. Gas sensors only. Please refer to our page on portable monitor calibration.

Series 930 Fixed Monitor – Type 2 Sensor Head

Factory calibration. Return sensors to Aeroqual for a multi-point calibration and new calibration certificate. Please contact our support team.

SM70 Fixed Monitor Ozone Sensors

The sensor board must be replaced when the SM70 Fixed Monitor Ozone sensor is due for calibration. Please contact our support team, and provide the serial number of your monitor.

What are the different output types?

Series 900 and Series 930 Fixed Monitor

Analogue output: 4-20mA (opto-isolated), 12-24V

Digital output: RS232 and RS485

SM70 Fixed Monitor

Analog output: 0 – 5 VDC (8 bit)[AO1] / 0-1.5V (UZ sensor board)

Digital output: RS232 and RS 485

Relay output: 24V; 5A(max.)

Can I use these the fixed monitor with my own software?

The user guide for each of the Fixed Indoor Air Monitors contains the relevant protocol commands for integrations into third party systems. User guides can be found on the Technical Documents page.

Product Support

For support on your S900 instrument, click here to visit our support centre.

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