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Aeroqual Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Accurately measure common indoor air pollutants and breathe easier with our range of fixed and portable indoor air quality monitors.

Building healthier indoor environments

We typically spend up to 90% of our time indoors. Invest in healthier indoor air with our range of indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring systems. Create safer, more productive workplaces and homes, choosing from 29 different sensor heads measuring 15 indoor pollutants.

Our systems are widely used in a variety of indoor and industrial environments, capturing accurate real-time data down to parts-per-billion (ppb). Maintain building certifications, safeguard your reputation, and help workers and occupants thrive with an indoor air quality testing system.

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“We have had a great experience using the Aeroqual Series 500 for our field sampling of indoor air pollution. The devices have been reliable, durable, and easy for our field workers to use.”

Josiah Kephart

Johns Hopkins University

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Achieve and maintain a healthy and comfortable building by monitoring indoor air quality.