<p>Ranger - Portable Dust Monitor</p>

Ranger - Portable Dust Monitor

Aeroqual Ranger™ | Dust is a real-time, active-sampling monitor that provides simultaneous measurements of multiple particle fractions (PM1, PM2.5, PMrsp, PM10, TSP) in a connected, lightweight handheld solution with Cloud-based data visualizations. Suitable for use on a range of projects, including industrial and occupational hygiene, environmental monitoring, personal exposure assessments, and indoor/outdoor air quality assessments.

Never lose data again and access more information for less effort with Ranger Cloud’s real-time data and alerts, enabled from anywhere using Wi-Fi capability

Simultaneously display and measure PM1, PM2.5, PMrsp, PM10, and TSP fractions

Enjoy zero downtime on factory calibrations with Hot-swap service

Suitable for diverse projects, with support for 27 gas sensor heads and 15 gases (sensor heads available separately)

Product overview

Ranger | Dust combines the capabilities of a fixed monitor with the portability of a handheld device and the power of Cloud-based insights, delivering the ultimate connected dust monitoring solution.

Ranger | Dust lets you see what’s happening at the job site, even when you’re not there, cutting down on site visits. All logged data is backed up on Ranger Cloud, in real-time, wherever Wi-Fi is available. Sign up to receive automatic alerts and minimize data loss.

As soon as you synchronize your data through Wi-Fi, you’re halfway done writing your exposure assessment report. Ranger Cloud’s browser-based software requires no costly IT installation and calculates time-weighted averages, generates advanced charts, and displays exposure summaries against OSHA and ACGIH.

Ranger | Dust is both rugged and easy to use, featuring a long-life lithium battery and a lightweight, ergonomic design.

Experience zero downtime on factory calibration thanks to our Aeroqual Hot-swap service. Returning your equipment to the factory is a thing of the past. Because Ranger’s sensors are interchangeable, we’ll send you a newly calibrated sensor head before the old one’s certificate expires, saving you time and money – eliminating the dreaded two to four-week lag time.

What can it measure?

Ranger | Dust is a real-time, active sampling monitor that integrates a laser optical particle counter and particle binning. It samples, logs, and simultaneously displays PM1, PM2.5, PMrsp, PM10 and TSP. Mass calculations apply corrections using Kohler theory. In addition, Ranger | Dust features an omnidirectional inlet designed for accurate sampling at any angle.

For environmental use cases, Ranger generates a color-coded U.S. AQI standard quality index.

This product includes:

  • Ranger monitor base

  • Active-sampling laser particle counter (LPC) sensor head: PM1, PM2.5, PMrsp, PM10 and TSP

  • Calibration certificate

  • USB-C power and data cable

  • USB-C power charger

  • Zero calibration kit

Who is it for?

Industrial and occupational hygienists, air quality consultants, indoor air quality professionals, building certifiers and environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals use Ranger | Dust.

Practical applications for Ranger | Dust include:

  • Industrial and occupational hygiene monitoring

  • Personal exposure monitoring

  • Indoor and outdoor air quality assessments

  • Environmental impact assessments

  • Ambient air quality monitoring

  • Engineering control assessments

Aeroqual Ranger use cases

Aeroqual Ranger use cases
Spot checking

You'll never run out of data - Ranger can record continuously for five years. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it the perfect portable dust monitor.

Aeroqual Ranger use cases
Logging a shift

Need to leave a monitor on-site - don't worry. Ranger has a long battery life, all the onboard data storage you'll ever need, plus it'll alert you to exposure events.

Aeroqual Ranger use cases
Data analysis

Access Ranger remotely and analyse your data instantly. Ranger Cloud automatically presents data in a way that is time-saving and allows for better and faster decisions.

Optional accessories

Working with your sector

Aeroqual Ranger Portable Air Monitor

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Protecting local communities with community air quality monitoring


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Ranger | Dust has a built-in Wi-Fi connection. Where Wi-Fi is not available, Cellular connectivity is achievable through the pairing with a mobile hotspot router (not included). Please note that logging continues normally without a wireless connection and that Ranger | Dust will back up all logged data on Ranger Cloud whenever an internet connection becomes available or via cable transfer.

Aeroqual recommends the PMX simultaneous multi fraction particulate matter sensor head be factory calibrated annually. Aeroqual Hot-swap Service is included with your purchase, to ensure you always have a calibrated sensor head ready to go.

Yes. You can perform a Zero or Gain adjustment in the field. You may also measure the flow of the sensor head’s fan. The flow can be verified by removing the inlet and fitting a flow sensor.

Yes, the Ranger | Dust with simultaneous multi fraction particulate matter sensor incorporates a fan for active sampling. Additional gas sensor heads also incorporate a fan.

Can the Aeroqual Ranger measure gases?

Yes. The Ranger monitor base may optionally be paired with any of our gas sensor heads, available separately. 28 sensor heads are available, spanning 15 compounds.

What is included with the Aeroqual Ranger | Dust?

Ranger | Dust consists of the Ranger monitor base, the PMX simultaneous multi fraction particulate matter sensor head, Ranger Cloud software and Aeroqual Hot-swap service for zero downtime factory calibrations.

What is the value of the Aeroqual Ranger | Dust?

Unlike any other handheld indoor and outdoor dust monitor, Ranger | Dust backs up all logged data to Ranger Cloud in real-time wherever an internet connection is present. It is considerably lighter and boasts a longer battery life than dust monitoring products of comparable performance. Hot-swap service delivers a new sensor every year, enabling a zero-downtime factory calibration.

How long does it take to turn on Ranger | Dust?

Ranger | Dust only takes a few seconds to turn on, and you may sample and log data immediately upon startup. However, Aeroqual recommends a 3-minute warmup period upon startup and exchanging sensor heads.

How does Ranger | Dust calculate AQI?

Ranger | Dust implements Cal/OSHA’s index to calculate AQI (Air Quality Index) based on measured PM2.5 levels.

Does Ranger | Dust log data?

Yes, Ranger | Dust is a real-time, active sampling monitor.

Can I download the data to Excel?

Yes, data can be downloaded through Ranger Cloud, which is included with your purchase.

Does Ranger’s monitor base need to be calibrated?

No, the monitor base does not require calibration.

Ranger software download

Download the Ranger software here.

Product Support

For support on your Ranger instrument, click here to visit our support centre.

Portable dust monitoring made easy

Ranger provides simultaneous measurement of key particle sizes in a portable, connected solution.

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