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250 Water Street NYSDEC Brownfield Cleanup Program

Compliance with CAMP monitoring of particulates, VOCs, and mercury vapor potentially emitting from excavating and disposing of contaminated historic soil.

<p>250 Water Street NYSDEC Brownfield Cleanup Program</p>

Project Details


250 Water Street NYSDEC Brownfield Cleanup Program


United States




10x AQS 1, Aeroqual Cloud & project software


PM10, VOCs, mercury vapor, wind data



Compliance with NYSDEC

Aeroqual aided Langan in maintaining compliance with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and reassured the community during challenging remediation at 250 Water Street, a 1.1-acre brownfield in Manhattan’s Seaport Historic District. With a budget of $850 million to redevelop the polluted site, Howard Hughes Corp. hired Langan to implement the Brownfield Cleanup Program.

Removing cost and complexity

Around 21,700 cubic yards of lead and mercury-impacted soil needed excavation and disposal. Due to proximity to sensitive receptors, the DEC mandated a site-specific Community Air Monitoring Plan (CAMP) to monitor particulate matter (PM10 ), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and mercury vapor. The initial approach used 30 instruments that required manual data downloading daily, which was laborious, and field deployment was a substantial overhead.

Langan partnered with Specto Technology to remove cost and complexity by installing ten Aeroqual AQS 1 air quality stations integrated with Jerome® analyzers for on-site and off-site monitoring of PM10, VOCs, mercury vapor, and wind. Langan used real-time data and alerts from Aeroqual Cloud to take pre-emptive mitigation measures, such as spraying soil with odor/vapor suppressants. Daily field reports that met regulation DER-10 were generated from the cloud and replaced manual processes. The community could stay informed about air quality and receive daily updates through a project website.

250 Water Street Aeroqual AQS air monitoring solution

250 Water Street Aeroqual AQS air monitoring solution


Project outcome

Aeroqual’s simplified, compact, portable solution proved to be a gamechanger for Langan. It reduced daily setup, breakdown, and reporting time by half. Additionally, the robust CAMP solution helped minimize potential exposure, provided quality data that reassured the community, and was crucial in completing the cleanup on time and within budget.


“When you combine portability with integrating mercury meters into a single CAMP station, and real-time cloud reporting, it equates to major time and cost savings over the project.”

Michael Au

Project Manager, Langan

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Howard Hughes Corporation develops on a massive, ambitious scale that is transforming American cities by planning and designing intimate communities and lived experiences that are at once personal, organic, and authentic. Our company is dramatically changing the landscape of America, how and where we live and work, today and for generations to come.

Langan is a premier provider of integrated land development engineering and environmental consulting services. Langan brings more than five decades of expertise and experience to challenging projects around the world. Their mission is to contribute to the success of their clients by providing an unmatched combination of people's technical excellence, practical experience and responsiveness.

Equipment partner, Specto Technology provides unique, powerful hardware and software for wireless Geotechnical, Structural and Environmental monitoring. Specto Technology believes that by sourcing the world’s most advanced technology, they can solve even the most pervasive monitoring problems to make your life easier and save money.

Aeroqual develops integrated monitoring and software systems underpinned by industry-leading sensor technology to support environmental, health, and safety professionals in protecting people and the planet from the impact of air pollution. That’s why governments, industry, researchers, and consultants trust Aeroqual to deliver actionable data for their air quality monitoring projects.

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