<p>Outdoor Air Quality Test Kit (Pro)</p>

Outdoor Air Quality Test Kit (Pro)

The Aeroqual Outdoor Air Quality Test Kit (Pro) is a complete outdoor air monitoring kit for the measurement of criteria air pollutants and VOCs. Features Aeroqual’s proven Ranger portable monitor with PMX multi-channel technology measuring PM1, PM2.5, PMresp, PM10 and total suspended particles, and four gas pollutant gas sensors (NO2, O3, CO, VOCs). Suitable for use during wide area air quality surveys, personal exposure monitoring, and as part of a short-term fixed monitoring network.

Includes swappable sensor heads, measuring particulate matter ( PM1, PM2.5, PMresp, PM10 and TSP), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), carbon monoxide (CO), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Gather data in real-time using the Aeroqual Ranger’s inbuilt real-time data logger

Can be left in situ for short-term monitoring by adding the optional outdoor enclosure

Product overview

The Outdoor Air Quality Test Kit (Pro) is for consultants and air quality professionals wanting a full set of tools for measuring a range of pollutants commonly found in ambient outdoor air. Features industry-quality instruments used by researchers and air quality professionals around the world. Simply swap out the sensor head on the Series 500 portable monitor for the pollutant you wish to monitor. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM) are emitted directly by stationary vehicles, and ozone (O3) is created when NO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) combine in the presence of sunlight. The health risks of overexposure to these pollutants are well-documented.

Includes additional sensor heads measuring carbon monoxide (CO – typically found in vehicle and gas-powered equipment emissions), volatile organic compounds (VOCs – caused by chemical emissions from new building materials), and a combined temperature and relative humidity sensor.

What can it measure?

The Outdoor Air Quality Test Kit (Pro) combines the Aeroqual Ranger portable monitor with the PMX sensor head measuring PM1, PM2.5, PMresp, PM10, and TSP.

The Outdoor Air Quality Test Kit (Pro) comes with:

  • Aeroqual Ranger with long life battery, WiFi connectivity, audible and visual alarms, cable download and swappable sensor head capability

  • PMX sensor

  • Fast charger

  • Data and power cable

  • Calibration certificate

  • Small carry case

  • Optional gas sensors

Key benefits of Aeroqual products

Key benefits of Aeroqual products
Industry-leading sensor technology

As sensor manufacturers, we know sensors inside and out and have unparalleled expertise in optimizing performance in real-world conditions.

Protect health and safety of workers with real time industrial hygiene air monitoring
Powerful software platform

Leveraging deep integration with our monitoring systems, we deliver software functionality unmatched by off the shelf data acquisition systems.

Key benefits of Aeroqual products
Value-adding services

Using proprietary system diagnostics, we enable proactive maintenance with hassle-free services that virtually eliminate system downtime.

Who is it for?

Environmental consultants and air quality professionals use the Outdoor Air Quality Test Kit (Pro) to conduct outdoor air quality assessments, set up sort-term fixed monitoring networks, and to ensure sensitive receptors in the community are not at risk from air pollution.

Practical applications for the Outdoor Air Quality Test Kit (Pro) include:

  • Wide area air quality surveys

  • Checking pollution “hotspots”

  • Personal exposure monitoring

  • Short term fixed monitoring networks

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Optional accessories


Download the Ranger software here.


There are many different types of outdoor air pollution. Measuring them all would be too expensive, so regulators focus on a smaller group of common air pollutants, sometimes known as the criteria pollutants. The criteria pollutants are:

  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2)

  • Carbon monoxide (CO)

  • Ozone (O3)

  • Particulate matter (PM)

As always requirements should be confirmed with your local regulatory body.

Sensors are housed within an interchangeable ‘sensor head’ that attaches to the monitor base. You can choose from up to 28 different gas and particulate sensor heads. Each sensor head contains a single gas or particle sensor. Swapping sensor heads takes seconds and no configuration or re-calibration is required.

You can find our specifications for our sensor heads here:


Note: Accuracy may drift as the sensor ages.

How many sensors can I use on the monitor at once?

You can only connect one gas or particulate sensor head at a time to monitor.

Can I use the PMX sensor head with any portable monitor? 

The PMX sensor is only compatible with the Ranger. 

What is the PPM to mg/m³ conversion factor?

The Ranger applies a conversion factor to convert ppm to mg/m3 which is dependent on the molecular weight of the gas being measured.  

Do I return the instrument for calibration?

Only the sensor head needs to be calibrated. The base unit does not need to be calibrated. All parameters are stored on the sensor head. 

The sensor head calibration should be completed after the first year.  

See a range of frequently asked questions on calibration here.

Product Support

For support on your Aeroqual Ranger instrument, click here to visit our support centre.

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