Aeroqual Ranger | Dust vs DustTrak DRX Handheld Aerosol Monitor

<p>Aeroqual Ranger | Dust vs DustTrak DRX Handheld Aerosol Monitor</p>

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04 April 2024


31 May 2021


Industrial Hygiene

When deciding on a portable dust monitor, there are several advanced features modern industrial hygienists, occupational health and safety professionals, and air quality consultants tend to look for. Factors like remote monitoring and alerts, ease of data access, battery life, and the length of downtime on factory calibration can all have an outsized impact on project efficiency and cost. Here, we compare the new Aeroqual Ranger™| Dust with the usual industry favorite, DustTrak DRX Handheld Aerosol Monitor, looking at how you can best maximize savings and deliver a successful project.


Remote monitoring and alerts

Traditional dust monitors without a Wi-Fi connection require you to be physically present on-site to check up on project status. If something were to go wrong, be it a data logging malfunction or a spike in particulate matter above permissible levels, any added delay in taking action could prove costly. With a connected monitor, such as Ranger | Dust, real-time alerts are automatically sent to your mobile device, enabling you to take swift and decisive action while reducing travel costs and on-site visits. The DustTrak DRX Handheld Aerosol Monitor doesn’t offer remote monitoring functionality or real-time alerts, making Aeroqual Ranger | Dust a clear winner in this category. In addition, Ranger | Dust’s onboard memory supports continuous logging for five years, so running out of memory is no longer a worry when leaving the instrument behind. 

Wireless data access

Accessing your data with ease, from anywhere, at any time, is another key consideration when selecting a handheld dust monitoring solution. The DustTrak DRX Handheld Aerosol Monitor comes with software that offers everything one would expect from a modern dust monitor. However, the software needs to be installed first, with data then transferred from instrument to PC via a USB cable. Ranger | Dust speeds up this process with a cloud-connected software solution accessible from anywhere via a Wi-Fi connection. Access your data on-demand, using time-weighted averages and auto-populated OSHA and ACGIH limits to help ensure compliance.

Zero downtime on factory calibration

For optimum performance, and to maintain data defensibility, air sampling instruments should be frequently calibrated at the factory. The DustTrak DRX Handheld Aerosol Monitor includes a free NIST traceable calibration certificate. When the certificate expires, the instrument gets shipped back to the factory to obtain a new one.

Ranger | Dust is also calibrated to NIST traceable standards, with the key advantage that you’ll enjoy zero downtime on all factory calibrations. When the certificate is due to expire, you’ll receive a newly calibrated sensor head. Simply replace the sensor in seconds, send the old one back, and enjoy uninterrupted calibration 365 days of the year.

Aeroqual Ranger Portable Air Monitor

Save time and money with Aeroqual Ranger | Dust

For these reasons, Aeroqual Ranger™ | Dust stands as a worthy alternative to the DustTrak DRX Handheld Aerosol Monitor. In addition to remote monitoring and automatic alerts, wireless data access, and zero downtime on factory calibration, Ranger | Dust also features superior battery life (21 hours vs 6 hours) and five years of onboard data storage. Eliminate data loss, reduce on-site visits, and capture highly accurate measurements while increasing efficiency and saving time and money with Aeroqual Ranger™ | Dust – the ultimate connected handheld dust monitoring solution.

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