AQM60 Gains Worldwide Acceptance

AQM60 Gains Worldwide Acceptance

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04 April 2024


07 November 2010



The AQM60 continues to gain acceptance worldwide as a reliable approach to outdoor ambient air quality monitoring. It is based on proven technology, it compliments air quality reference sites and allows for real-time modeling of air quality standards and patterns. The small footprint design and cost-effectiveness (affordability and low cost of ownership) make the AQM60 the ideal solution for increasing the density in current networks or for establishing new monitoring grids. The AQM can be configured with the relevant sensors for gas monitoring and particle monitoring to meet most applications. Ancillary meteorological sensors can be added to augment the air quality data. Applications currently addressed are:

  • Roadside Monitoring – traffic impact studies

  • Urban Monitoring – inner-city air quality (Potentially related to health studies)

  • Fenceline / Perimeter Monitoring – industrial fugitive gases and odor

  • Saturation studies – high-density monitoring, portable to allow for air quality profiling

  • Open Space – Federal / National parklands, isolated spaces

  • Research applications – varied studies on air quality

In all of these applications the AQM60 provides an alternative approach to costly and cumbersome reference analyzers and stations and in some cases is the only feasible approach to the monitoring requirements.