Turkish Mayor Prefers AQM60

Turkish Mayor Prefers AQM60

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18 November 2021


25 March 2013



Bornova - Turkey

The Mayor of Bornova, a fast-growing metropolitan district in the region of Izmir, Turkey, has backed a project which sees accurate, real-time air quality information delivered direct to the citizens of his city.

The AQM60 is installed in the center of the city and will be used to stream real-time data to the local government’s website, 24 hours a day. This will allow the people and government of Bornova to respond to air quality events as and when they happen.

Real-time data was the primary reason for choosing the AQM60. Unlike traditional analyzers which give accurate readings once every hour, the AQM60 gives accurate readings every 2 minutes. Furthermore, the AQM60 is significantly more affordable and easier to maintain than analyzer-based monitoring stations.

As part of its commitment to work towards European norms for environmental stewardship, Bornova and Turkey as a whole is to be applauded for investing in the air quality monitoring infrastructure needed to manage the air quality impact of its emergence as an industrial powerhouse.

With its partner in Turkey, TESLA Measurement Control Systems and Environmental Technologies, Aeroqual is committed to helping Turkey to achieve its air quality goals. Aeroqual expects to deliver an additional unit to Bornova in 2013 as well as fulfill a number of other projects waiting in the pipeline.