Formaldehyde Sensor For IAQ Monitoring

Formaldehyde Sensor For IAQ Monitoring

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04 April 2024


20 November 2012



In response to growing demand from our customers active in the indoor air quality monitoring market, Aeroqual is pleased to announce the release of a formaldehyde sensor option for our handheld, fixed, and IQM60 products.

The formaldehyde sensor head uses a proven electrochemical sensor that will provide a rapid indication of hazardous airborne formaldehyde levels in the workplace. Unlike other formaldehyde monitoring devices such as sampling tubes and badges, an Aeroqual portable monitor with formaldehyde sensor head provides real-time results so that potential over-exposures can be identified as they occur, without waiting for laboratory analysis.

Aeroqual monitors have the added advantage of being able to interchange sensor heads for monitoring a variety of gases on a single monitor base. Downtime is also reduced as sensors heads can be easily replaced or serviced without returning the entire instrument for maintenance.

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  • Commercial buildings

  • Residential construction

  • Hospitals

  • Medical labs

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Particle boards

  • Laminated boards

  • Synthetic resins

  • Paint manufacture

  • Paper production

  • Dye stuffs

  • Textile treatment

  • Horticulture

  • Biological

  • Cosmetics

  • Mortuaries

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