Handheld Monitors Get A Refresh

Handheld Monitors Get A Refresh

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09 December 2021


01 February 2013



We’re launching new features on our handheld monitors today: the Series 200, 300, 500.

Our handheld monitors are used the world over and in every kind of application from the factories of Samsung in Korea to the oilfields of Kuwait, not to mention Antarctica! The versatility of interchangeable sensor heads means they can be used for precise indoor and outdoor air quality measurements, as well as for industrial health and safety.

Notable new features include:

  • All monitors are now compatible with our IAQ survey sensor heads, meaning that our entire handheld range can be configured to measure 5 parameters simultaneously: CO, CO2, VOC, temp/RH

  • All monitors can now be upgraded to measure temp/RH in the field simply by adding our plug and play temp/RH sensor

  • The S300 and S500 now have location ID, so you can link measurements to a specific location – great for IAQ or environmental surveying

  • The S300 and S500 now benefit from monitor ID so that when you connect them to your PC you’ll be able to sort the data coming off as many as 99 different monitors

  • The S500, our top of the line monitor, gets a whopping 100% memory upgrade, allowing you to store even more data than before

  • Finally, just to show we’re up with the play, the handheld PC software is now compatible with Windows 8

To celebrate, we’re offering a special promotional discount on all monitors purchased before 30 April 2013. Contact us now to find out all about it.