Introducing Aeroqual Site Contribution: Our New Automated Remediation Software

<p>Introducing Aeroqual Site Contribution: Our New Automated Remediation Software</p>

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11 October 2023


03 October 2022



Aeroqual is thrilled to announce the launch of Aeroqual Site Contribution, a new software tool set to streamline the way site remediators, environmental consultants and air quality professionals monitor pollution. Powered by automated calculations and real-time alerts, Aeroqual Site Contribution helps ensure safe and efficient remediation, minimizing potential liability while protecting the surrounding community from fugitive emissions.

Act swiftly with real-time alerts

The software automatically tracks pollutant levels, along with environmental factors such as wind direction and speed to calculate the total site contribution. Never again get blamed for your neighbor’s actions (or inaction). Real-time alerts notify you within 60 seconds if you are approaching regulatory limits. This empowers you to take swift action before an exceedance occurs, saving time and limiting unnecessary restrictions on operation. With Aeroqual Site Contribution, you’ll never again spend time monitoring environmental shifts. Simply set and forget.

Optimize reporting and minimize liability

Optimize your reporting in Aeroqual Site Contribution with user-selectable regulations. Simply select the relevant regulation (currently includes SC AQMD Rule 1466 and simplified NY DER-10, with more regulations to follow) or customize your own averaging periods and exceedance levels as needed, and let the software do the rest. Operate with confidence, secure in the knowledge that your data is being reported in line with regulatory best practice.


Maintain compliance remotely

Access real-time site data from anywhere using the live dashboard. Aeroqual Site Contribution provides a consistent, centralized interface to monitor all your compliance projects. With remote monitoring and reporting, consultants are able to cut down on site visits and reduce travel costs. Save time and money tracking and interpreting the data, giving you a competitive edge when bidding for new projects.

Ensure efficient remediation

Compliance is key for a successful remediation project. Aeroqual Site Contribution satisfies regulators, safeguards community health, and ensures efficient remediation via automatic calculations and alerts.

Want to find out more?

If you’d like a free demo of Aeroqual Site Contribution, get in touch with us today!

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