Keep Calibration up to date without the downtime

Here you will find the Pre-Purchase Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Aeroqual Hot-swap Service.

1. What is it?

Aeroqual Hot-swap Service keeps your calibration certificate up to date without the downtime. We send you a fully refurbished and calibrated module before you need to remove your old one. This allows for a quick replacement swap, after which the old module can be shipped back to us.

2. Why do I need a Hot-swap Service?

Maintaining an up-to-date calibration certificate gives you and project stakeholders confidence in the data.

Zero Downtime:

Normally if your module required calibration, it would need to be sent back to the manufacturer. However, this could take up to 6 weeks before it’s returned (for a particulate module). This is downtime you can’t afford. Previously, your only option was to purchase a replacement part or hire another air monitoring station during this time. Our Hot-swap Service is the solution, reducing disruption and downtime for your monitoring equipment.

Standard Warranty:

The Hot-swap Service goes beyond your current product warranty. The standard warranty protects against product defects. Parts on your product have a natural life depending on the time it was first used and your local environment. A standard warranty does not cover wear and tear, neglect, or a module’s natural end of life.

3. Who is it for?

The Hot-swap Service has been designed for customers who value the accuracy of their air quality data, want to maintain fully calibrated equipment for regulatory reasons, and need to maintain a high level of monitoring uptime and availability.

4. What are the benefits?

  • Calibration Certified – Equipment always has valid certification.
  • Zero Downtime – No gaps in the data, no questions asked.
  • Defensible Data – Hot-swap modules are factory calibrated ensuring defensible data, protecting the integrity of your work and reducing risk.
  • Easy to Swap – End-customers can easily swap the new component for old, due to the modular design of our air monitoring stations.

5. How do I purchase a Hot-swap Service?

When your calibration certificate is nearing expiry, Hot-swap the module in three easy steps:

  1. Place an order with your local supplier.
  2. They can either ship you the replacement module, or arrange a time to visit your site.
  3. Swap your existing module for one that has been factory refurbished and calibrated.

These modules are typically replaced within 15 minutes of being on site.

6. Where is my calibration certificate?

Your calibration certificate is in the product box you received. Alternatively, you can check Aeroqual Cloud to see when you last logged the work for a module swap. It’s important to remember that calibration certificates are valid from the time of first use, not when the certificate was issued.

7. When does my calibration certificate expire?

The length of expiry depends on the type of module. For instance, a Profiler Optical Module (9722-1) expires after one year from first use, while a PM Optical Module (82850) expires after two years from first use.

8. Can I swap the module myself?

Yes! Aeroqual products are easy to use. Watch our ‘How to Swap out the PM Module’ video to learn how to swap out the particulate modules on an AQM 65, AQS 1 or Dust Sentry product.

9. What does it cover?

The Hot-swap service currently covers the 9722-1 Profiler Optical Module and 82850 PM Optical Module for AQM 65AQS 1 and Dust Sentry products.

10. What doesn’t it cover?

If an existing module is not operational due to neglect, physically damaged or broken, it can still be swapped out, but not at the Hot-swap price. Your local supplier will discuss this with you.

Older 80180 model PM engines are not covered by this program. Please contact sales to upgrade to the latest model.

If you’d like something else Hot-swapped that isn’t offered by the current service yet, please let us know by emailing support

11. What are the T&Cs?

You can view the full Hot-swap Service terms and conditions here.

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