AirCal 1000 – Portable Calibrator

AirCal 1000 – Portable Calibrator

Designed for use with the AQM 65 compact air quality monitoring station, the two-channel AirCal 1000 is a portable calibrator that includes integrated gas diluter and zero air source with traceable mass flow controller and mass flow meter. The calibrator is capable of generating zero and multi-point span test mixtures for the calibration of gas modules within the AQM 65 enclosure. The AirCal 1000 can also be used to calibrate ambient air quality monitors not manufactured by Aeroqual.

Compared to other calibrators the unit is compact and lightweight. It is supplied with the relevant tubing and fittings for calibration and comes in a durable carry case for portability. PC software comes bundled in with the AirCal 1000 allowing for seamless calibration of the AQM 65 station.


  • Automatic and manual zero checks

  • Automatic and manual span checks

  • NIST traceable mass flow meter and controller

  • Automatic logging of time, flow rates, and port status during operation

  • Integrated Zero Air Generator

  • Two-span gas inlets

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Easy replacement of zero air scrubbers

What's included

  • Aircal 1000 Portable Calibrator

  • Robust carry case

  • Calibration tubing and fittings