<p>Airmar 200WX Wind Sensor</p>

Airmar 200WX Wind Sensor

The WeatherStation 200WX is the best choice for mobile, weather-monitoring applications. Sensor rich, in a durable, rugged, small housing that is IPX6 rated, means the 200WX can be used on moving platforms such as TV-news and military vehicles.

Knowing the dynamic true wind speed and direction is important and often mission-critical. The 200WX calculates the dynamic true wind speed and direction based upon the apparent wind (the wind you would feel on your hand if you held it out while moving), speed of the vehicle, and vehicle heading. Its internal 10 Hz GPS and three-axis electronic compass provide heading, position, speed-over-ground, and course-over-ground functionality that is necessary for dynamic true wind-data processing on a moving vehicle.

The 3D compass with dynamic stabilization provided by the three-axis rate gyro enhances the rate-of-turn data. The patented 200WX maintains dynamic compass performance in hilly and mountainous terrain.


  • Three-axis, solid-state compass with dynamic stabilization

  • Housing IPX6 rated for water-ingress protection

  • 0-40m/s ±5% wind speed

  • 0-359.9°, ±3% wind direction

  • 0 to 359.9° compass

  • 3m CEP GPS