AQM Service Pack

AQM Service Pack

The AQM service pack includes all the essential tools to perform onsite service and calibration checks to maintain the instrument’s performance.

What's included

  • Protective carry case with shoulder strap

  • A zero filter and flow assembly for manual zero checks and flowmeter to inlet connection

  • 3.5 meters of Tygon tube for replacing damaged or dirty exhaust lines and PM sample lines

  • 3 meters of Teflon tube for replacing damaged or dirty gas sample lines

  • 1 x tube cutter to ensure a smooth clean cut is made when fitting replacement tubing

  • 1 x long Phillips Screw Drivers for easy removal of gas modules and other servicing requirements

  • A selection of replacement luer fittings

  • A set of replacement communication and power cables

  • Accessories required for calibration, includes tubing, fittings and humidifier