Sierra Wireless RV50X Cellular Router

Sierra Wireless RV50X Cellular Router

The Sierra Wireless AirLink RV50X cellular router is a low-power CAT6 modem that allows easy connection of your AQM 65, AQS 1, or Dust Monitor to your 3G/4G cellular network. The modem is preconfigured to work alongside the embedded PC installed in the instrument and is set up to allow a direct connection to Aeroqual Cloud.

The modem is configured for event logging and service forwarding, allowing remote troubleshooting and data interrogation via Aeroqual Cloud. It can also be easily reset and configured to provide cellular reports via SMS.

Each AQM 65, AQS 1, and Dust Monitor is pre-configured with an external antenna for an improved remote connection to the modem.

The modem is simple to use. All the major configuration and setup requirements are carried out by Aeroqual. The only on-site requirement is for a local SIM card to be installed into the modem and a few simple configuration steps to be performed.


The Sierra RV50X Modem is a low-power CAT6 modem that supports 3G/4G cellular connectivity with the following benefits:

  • Remote connection to Aeroqual Cloud and all its features

  • Reliable and constant cellular connectivity with speeds up to 300 Mbps

  • Dual-SIM capability for added connection reliability

  • Allows for easy troubleshooting of the instrument by local or Aeroqual technicians

  • Data can be viewed and downloaded from anywhere at any time

  • Easy on-site modem configuration