<p>Winterization Kit </p>

Winterization Kit

The Winterization Kits for the AQS 1 and Dust Sentry extends the instrument’s operating range allowing users to continue measuring in cold temperatures (-40°C with jacket and heater module, or -20°C with jacket alone) while maintaining the data quality and reliability of Aeroqual AQS 1 and Dust Sentry instruments.

The Winterization Kit comes with extended mounting brackets which make it possible to fit the jacket without needing to remove it from it's mounting point.


Silicone Insulation Jacket
The custom silicone-impregnated fiberglass jacket provides excellent insulation and is hardwearing for rugged outdoor environments and extreme temperatures.

Heater Module
The temperature-controlled heater module ensures the interior stays warm. The heater module will shut off if above the programmed temperature, minimizing power consumption.

Extended Mounting Brackets
Extended mounting brackets make it easier to fit and remove the jacket when the instrument is pole or wall mounted.