Why use a Hydrogen sensor?

Hydrogen (H) is the most abundant chemical substance in the universe. However, pure hydrogen gas (H2) is scarce in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is lighter than air and therefore escapes Earth’s gravity easier than other heavier gases. It is typically produced by heating natural gas with steam to form a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide which is then separated. Hydrogen gas is commonly used in several industrial processes.

Industrial Uses of Hydrogen

The most common uses of hydrogen gas is in the petroleum and chemical industries. High concentrations of the gas is used to process or upgrade fossil fuels and produce ammonia for fertilizer applications.  As hydrogen gas is lighter than air it is also used to lift airships and balloons. Other industrial applications include its use as a coolant, a shielding gas in welding, a tracer gas for leak detection and within the semiconductor industry. Hydrogen can be hazardous to human safety as it is a highly flammable gas when mixed with air. It is odorless, tasteless and colorless so leaks are very hard to detect. Aeroqual can provide portable and fixed monitors with a hydrogen sensor for accurate and precise measurements.

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