<p>PMX Sensor Head (PM<sub>1</sub>, PM<sub>2.5</sub>, PM<sub>resp</sub>, PM<sub>10</sub>, &amp; TSP<sub>)</sub></p>

PMX Sensor Head (PM1, PM2.5, PMresp, PM10, & TSP)

The PMX sensor head comprises an optical particle counter that uses scattered light to size and count particles. The amount of scattered light is converted to a voltage pulse and the amplitude of that voltage pulse is converted to a particle diameter. The particles are assigned based on diameter to one of six particle count channels. Using a proprietary algorithm, particle counts for each size fraction are converted into mass measurements for PM1, PM2.5, PMresp, PM10, and TSP.

The PMX sensor head is compatible with Aeroqual Ranger. Learn more about particulate matter measurement principles, specifications and performance on the PM measurements page.

Sensor specifications

Sensor code


Sensor type


Range (mg/m3)


Zero stability (µg/m3)


Accuracy of factory calibration

<± 8% of reading

Display resolution (µg/m3)


Response time (seconds)