Keep calibration up to date without the downtime

Maintaining an up-to-date calibration certificate gives you and project stakeholders confidence in the data from the air monitoring instruments. But sending equipment away for calibration can take weeks, which is downtime you can’t afford. Holding spares in reserve is an additional cost and can be a logistical nightmare.

Our Hot-swap Service makes the process of factory calibration easy. We send you a freshly calibrated module from our stock. You replace the old module with the new one and send the old one back to us. And that’s it – calibration all up to date and zero downtime.

Calibration up to date, zero downtime


Calibration Certified

Equipment always has valid certification.


Defensible Data

Hot-swap modules are factory calibrated ensuring defensible data, protecting the integrity of your work and reducing risk.


Zero Downtime

No gaps in the data, no questions asked.


Easy to Swap

End-customers can easily swap the new component for old due to the modular design of our air monitoring stations.

How does Aeroqual's Hot-Swap Service work?

When your calibration certificate is coming up for expiry, Hot-swap the module in three easy steps:

1. Place an order with your local supplier.
2. They can either ship you the replacement module, or arrange a time to visit your site.
3. Swap your existing module for one that has been factory refurbished and calibrated.

These modules are typically replaced within 15 minutes of being on site.

Hot-swap Service Terms & Conditions

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“We recently used this service to swap two modules. It only took about 15 minutes. I’d probably let the customer do the swap next time. Overall, it was a simple process.”

– Alycia Murray, Pine Environmental Services,
Branch Manager Woburn

Compatible Monitors

The Hot-swap Service currently covers Profiler and PM Optical Modules (9722-1 and 82850 respectively) for AQM 65, AQS 1 and Dust Sentry products.


Dust Sentry

AQS1 Smog Monitor



AQM 65

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