1. A customer purchasing a Hot-swap Service for calibration is, in good faith, returning an engine that is operational and younger than 6 years.
  2. A customer with a failed (broken, not-operating) engine cannot use the Hot-swap Service for calibration. However, they do have the option to purchase a new engine.
  3. If a returned engine cannot be refurbished, it is considered to be a failed engine. The customer will need to pay the Hot-swap Service for failure surcharge. This being the difference between the cost of the two services.
  4. A failed engine is considered when one of the following is true:
    • no-data can be produced,
    • the profiler red light is activated,
    • the engine is physically older than 6 years
    • the air quality monitoring station has not been maintained (filters, etc) within the last 3 years (i.e. neglect)
  5. Hot-swap Services for calibration cannot be sold to pre-paid customers. However, they can purchase Hot-swap for failures.
  6. Pre-paid Hot-swap Services must be redeemed within the following timeframe:
    • 24 months of original purchase of a 9722-1 Profiler Optical Module Hot-swap Service
    • 36 months from original purchase of a 82850 PM Optical Module Hot-swap Service