When you purchase an instrument from Aeroqual our first priority is to train you how to use it. We have built an online learning system that is free to use for all our customers. We also run factory training programmes here at our factory in Auckland, New Zealand. For a fee we can come and train you, wherever that might be.

Online Learning System

John our Training & Support Manager has spent months putting everything he knows into our online learning system. It allows you to learn everything you need to know about our products. Modules are focused on different products and are split into product and technical training. Each module has a small quiz that you can take to check your progress. You can learn at a speed that is comfortable and log in whenever you have time free. The content is visual – video wherever possible. Go to training.aeroqual.com to access the content.

Contact us so John can sign you up now!

Aeroqual Online Learning System

Factory Training (visit New Zealand!)

If online training isn’t enough for you then you’re very welcome to visit us at our factory in Auckland, New Zealand. There’s nothing like getting hands on with the latest equipment, seeing where your instrument is made, and getting to know the people at Aeroqual. Plus while you’re here you might as well take in the sights, sample some food, perhaps try the wine, maybe do a bit of shopping – it’s up to you.