The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has released new Perimeter Monitoring Technical Guidance for sites undergoing remediation.

Compliance Deadline: June 3rd, 2024.

Aeroqual Remediation Perimeter Air Monitoring (PAM) Packages

We’ve designed a NJDEP PAM Monitoring package using the latest in hardware and software technology to make monitoring easy. Weatherproof Aeroqual AQS 1 monitors are fully assembled with tripod, 15 hour light-weight battery pack and connection to Aeroqual Cloud for automated data collection, presentation, alerts and PDF reporting. Perimeter Air Monitoring packages are customizable for NYDEC DER-10.

NJDEP PAM Packages include:

Aeroqual AQS 1 (PM10/VOCs) Remediation Monitors - VOC Analyzer Module with Baseline Correction and Humidity Control

Preconfigured Battery/Solar Power Installation - Set-up in minutes

Aeroqual project software with PAM-specific Site Contribution calculations with complete 4G cellular connection

Self Orientating Weather Station with GPS

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PAM Requirements

PAM requirements

Making PAM and DER-10 compliance easy with all-inclusive Remediation Air Monitoring packages

Add the Aeroqual Ranger handheld monitor with VOC/PM10 for spot checking and HSE Compliance.

How the Aeroqual NJ PAM Solution Stacks Up

Industry-leading sensor technology
Powerful software platform
Powerful software platform

NJ PAM compliance made easy

Learn more about Aeroqual plug and play NJ PAM air monitoring packages