Why Aeroqual Cloud gives you the best air monitoring experience

Why Aeroqual Cloud gives you the best air monitoring experience

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18 November 2021


17 March 2015




We recently released a cloud based instrument operating system, Aeroqual Cloud, now for use on the AQM 65. In conjunction with Aeroqual Connect, Aeroqual Cloud helps you stay connected to the instrument and access your data wherever you may be giving you a high quality air monitoring experience.

Both Connect and Cloud are accessed through your web browser (no software install required) and appear quite similar, so people often ask us why they need Cloud when they already have Connect…

Here is what we tell them!

1: Cloud gives you the fastest access to your air quality data

You access Aeroqual Cloud the same way you do Gmail, for example. The data is stored on third party servers and you access it over the internet using your office or home broadband connection. Most people these days enjoy speeds of 2MB/s or better. So if you want to get access to the instrument or your data browsing from page to page in Aeroqual Connect will be just as fast as browsing any webpage.

Aeroqual Connect on the other hand is a direct connection from your computer, tablet or phone to the computer on the instrument. If that connection is made over a cellular modem, every new page will require data to pass over the cellular network. This greatly reduces browsing speeds compared to a normal broadband connection.

2: Cloud lets you access your air quality data even when the instrument is offline

The cellular network can be unreliable. Power cuts can also occur. There might be an instrument fault. In these events you will be unable to access your data via Aeroqual Connect.

Because Cloud backs up data to third party servers, you can always go to Cloud to access your data. It will be current right up until the moment the outage occurred.

This also means your data is completely secure. Even if you lose the data from your PC or the on-board instrument storage fails – Aeroqual Cloud will have a complete record of every measurement you ever made.

3: Data costs are lower with Aeroqual cloud

For those accessing the instrument remotely over the cellular network data usage costs will be a factor. Every page load in Aeroqual Connect uses data over the cellular network. Downloading data will too.

Aeroqual Cloud syncs data between the cloud servers and the instrument. Sync-ing uses cellular data, but accessing the data on the cloud servers does not. So interacting with Aeroqual Cloud will use less data than interacting with Aeroqual Connect.

Data usage costs could get high if the instrument was being accessed by several different users. Each person would be interacting with the instrument, viewing and downloading data. In cases like this Aeroqual Cloud would be a much better option.

4: Trigger air quality alarms over SMS and email

Only Cloud gives you the ability to set SMS and email alarms.

Let’s say you are in charge of a large mine site and the neighbours get upset when the wind blows dust in their direction. Cloud lets you set up an alarm that will trigger when dust reaches X on the monitor closest to the neighbours. You will get a notification either by SMS or email that the limit has been reached. You can then initiate a response to bring the dust levels under control. The same could apply for a power station – where SO2 leaks might be a concern. Or a roadside station where NO2 might reach dangerous levels.

In addition the alarm can be based on more than one parameter. So it could be based on X ppm SO2 and wind direction being SSW. Cloud let’s you choose multiple parameters. It also let’s you set unlimited number of alarms and send them to an unlimited number of email and SMS recipients.

5: Manage the way different user groups access your air monitor

Cloud gives you much more control over user administration. Advanced user access management means different access levels can be granted to different parties. For example, you may give the local distributor who sold you the equipment advanced access rights; you might give your local government agency view-only rights.

Cloud also gives Aeroqual much better access to your instrument. This means if there are any problems we can quickly and easily look up the data, check the instrument log, and view the settings. If it turns out there’s a problem we can remotely adjust settings to correct the problem. Or we can instruct you or the distributor how to fix the problem. Having the manufacturer connected to your instrument gives you a huge amount of confidence.

Remote air monitoring

There are many more reasons to try Aeroqual Cloud.