Aeroqual Launches Cutting-Edge Connected Handheld Air Monitor

<p>Aeroqual Launches Cutting-Edge Connected Handheld Air Monitor</p>

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04 April 2024


17 March 2021


Industrial Hygiene

Aeroqual is excited to announce the launch of Aeroqual Ranger™, a connected handheld air quality monitoring solution. Ranger represents the latest cutting-edge evolution to our existing range of handheld monitoring devices, featuring Wi-Fi capability and our Aeroqual Cloud software.

The first product launched in the Ranger series is Ranger | Dust, designed for use by industrial hygienists, indoor and outdoor air quality consultants, EHS professionals, building certifiers and more. Other versions of Ranger are set for future launch, catering to a broad range of air monitoring applications.

“With Ranger, we’re working to solve some of the biggest pain points affecting air quality monitoring today,” stated Aeroqual Co-Founder and CTO, Geoff Henshaw. “Now, you can stay connected to your data from anywhere thanks to wireless access and our Ranger Cloud software. Respond to automatic alerts in real-time, save time and money, and get more out of your portable dust monitoring device.”

Aeroqual Ranger Portable Air Monitor

Aeroqual Ranger | Dust is an active, real-time sampling monitor that integrates a laser optical particle counter and particle binning. It simultaneously displays PM1, PM2.5, PMrsp (respirable), PM10, TSP, temperature, and relative humidity, and is designed for use in any environment. Ranger | Dust is the first monitor of its kind to enable remote monitoring and alerting. It includes a lightweight, Wi-Fi-capable monitor, Ranger Cloud software, and zero downtime on factory calibrations via Aeroqual Hot-swap.

Featuring a long-life lithium battery and rugged design, Ranger | Dust can run for 21-hours in the field on a single charge. Ranger | Dust backs up actionable, defensible data into Ranger Cloud, automatically calculating time-weighted averages and summarizing exposure data against OSHA and ACGIH standards. Streamline reporting and access more air quality information using Ranger Cloud’s in-built data visualizations. Aeroqual Ranger™ is compatible with up to 28 different sensor heads across 15 gases.

The efficiencies gained through Ranger will transform into bottom-line savings in the first year of ownership. Interested customers are encouraged to inquire about Ranger | Dust’s cost/benefit template, so they can be sure that replacing an old fleet is the right option for their organization.

This latest innovation continues Aeroqual’s stated mission of protecting people and the planet from the harmful effects of air pollution. Aeroqual looks forward to working with innovative industrial hygienists and air quality professionals around the world, using Ranger to better measure airborne hazards and help workers breathe easier.

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