Dust Sentry Is Certified

Dust Sentry Is Certified

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04 April 2024


12 November 2013




Aeroqual is proud to announce the Dust Sentry real-time outdoor particulate monitor has achieved MCERTS certification from the UK’s Environment Agency. MCERTS is the only independent certification available for indicative particulate monitors and is gaining rapid acceptance worldwide.

Certification the key to increased uptake of dust monitoring

To combat rising particulate levels more monitoring is needed, but existing particulate monitors are expensive and report data only at half-hour intervals. Real-time monitors like the Dust Sentry are more cost effective and report data every two minutes – but to date no reliable standard has existed for such monitors, meaning uptake has been limited.

The certification of the Dust Sentry by MCERTS is significant, as it gives authorities the green light to put their investment into cost-effective real-time monitoring equipment.

Official launch of the Dust Sentry

MCERTS completes the Dust Sentry product package which is being released officially onto the global market today. The Dust Sentry also features a cloud-based data acquisition and reporting service, as well as optional add-on sensors for monitoring other environmental parameters, like wind and noise.

Aeroqual’s cloud-based data acquisition and reporting system, Orbit DATA, allows users to view and download data online and in real-time. Orbit DATA is an end-to-end telemetry solution that takes care of everything from the modem to the network charges to round-the-clock customer support – all part of an annual subscription service.

Flexible integration of wind, noise, and weather sensors

The Dust Sentry comes with a suite of options that allows customers to configure the Dust Sentry exactly for their requirements. By choosing from a menu of add-on sensors the Dust Sentry becomes a platform for the real-time measurement and reporting of multiple environmental parameters – such as noise (Class 1), wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and rainfall.

“Flexibility is the key,” says Aeroqual Chief Executive, Mark Templeton. “MCERTS allows the Dust Sentry to operate as both dust monitor for dust control and as a full-fledged particulate monitoring station for compliance purposes. It’s the perfect complement to our AQM 60 air quality monitoring station.”

Manufactured under ISO9001-2008 at Aeroqual’s Auckland, New Zealand factory the Dust Sentry is supported by Aeroqual’s channel partners located in over 50 countries worldwide.