Aeroqual and ASTM Establish Global Standard for Evaluating Outdoor Sensor Performance

<p>Aeroqual and ASTM Establish Global Standard for Evaluating Outdoor Sensor Performance</p>

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30 March 2024


04 November 2022



ASTM International has recently published a landmark outdoor sensor standard, developed by a work committee led by Aeroqual Co-Founder and CTO, Geoff Henshaw. The first standard of its kind, ASTM D8406-22 establishes a series of standardized tests for evaluating the performance of sensor-based air quality measurement systems.

Formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM International is a global leader in the development of voluntary consensus standards. Led by some of the world’s top technical experts, ASTM International’s network of committees works to create guidelines, testing methods, and modes of practice across a broad range of industries. This air quality sensor standard, titled, “Standard Practice for Performance Evaluation of Ambient Outdoor Air Quality Sensors and Sensor-based Instruments for Portable and Fixed-point Measurement”, joins 12,000 other ASTM standards, helping to promote safer, more efficient operations throughout its’ 140 member countries.

Dr. Henshaw is also serving as the technical lead on two other air quality standards currently in development. This includes the development of a dust monitoring guideline for construction and remediation sites.

“A dust monitoring standard for remediation sites is something that has received a lot of interest within the industry. We’re working with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), alongside other collaborators, to get it ready for ballot in 2023. These standards help save consultants and environmental agencies from having to develop their own approach to testing. Having a standard methodology that we can all agree on makes it easier to compare sensor performance, leading to more accurate data and better-quality air”, added Dr. Henshaw.

ASTM D8406-22 represents a positive step forward in the fight against air pollution, furthering Aeroqual’s mission to pioneer new air quality standards and technology toward a cleaner, healthier world.

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