Five Ways the New Aeroqual PCX Module for Dust Sentry and AQS 1 Makes Life Easier for Perimeter Air Monitoring

<p>Five Ways the New Aeroqual PCX Module for Dust Sentry and AQS 1 Makes Life Easier for Perimeter Air Monitoring</p>

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04 April 2024


13 December 2023



Our perimeter air quality monitors (Dust Sentry and AQS 1) have long been a staple for consultants and environmental, health and safety professionals, providing simultaneous measurement of multiple compounds and particle fractions. With applications across a wide range of air quality monitoring projects, including construction, remediation, and Environmental Impact Assessments, Aeroqual’s perimeter monitors are known for delivering accurate, defensible data for efficient remote management.

We’re excited to launch the PCX module for environmental consultants and air quality professionals, further improving the accuracy and impact of our perimeter monitors. Initially replacing the particle profiler, the PCX module gives you mass channel measurement, more efficient power consumption, and reduced lead time on calibration and servicing - a must for maximum up-time. With an easy-install design, sharpened data accuracy, and backed by leading certifications, the PCX module enables you to deliver better results for your client and community.

Here are the top five benefits of installing the new PCX module in our Dust Sentry and AQS 1 monitors:

True simultaneous measurement

The PCX module establishes a new standard for particle monitoring, simultaneously reporting on all available fraction sizes, with no impact on accuracy. Measure and review PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, and TSP in real time for truly a simultaneous monitoring experience. In comparison, the nephelometer engine only measured one particle size at a time. This represents a huge improvement.

Improved, certification–backed accuracy

The PCX module is our most accurate particle engine yet. While the Dust Sentry and AQS 1 already deliver data strongly correlated to US EPA reference analyzers, the PCX module further improves upon data accuracy by introducing automatic flow and optimized heating control. By maintaining a constant flow rate, the PCX module eliminates potential inaccuracies caused by irregular airflow. In reducing instances of overheating, the PCX module is able to dry out particles without losing volatile particulate matter, ensuring the sample concentration remains constant and preventing skewed data.

With calibration traceable to NIST standards across all five particle size channels, and pending MCERTS certification for PM10 and PM2.5, the PCX module delivers greater confidence in the defensibility of your data.


Optimal power consumption

Improved data accuracy isn’t the only benefit of optimized heating control, with the PCX module lowering energy consumption by an average of 40% - 90% (depending on monitoring conditions). By dynamically adjusting the temperature of the heated inlet used to dry out particles during the measuring process, the PCX module reduces power requirements and lengthens the life of your battery or solar power setup. Where the nephelometer engine would operate at a constant level of heating around the clock, the PCX module only uses as much power as it needs.

Easy on-site install

Save time and switch out modules in seconds with a quick connection design secured by a single Swagelok nut. The PCX module can be installed in the field without the need for complex tools or equipment; simply secure the fitting by hand and let the system get to work. If you want to switch out an existing particle engine, the PCX module also features a retrofit design. With the same mounting hole and inlet as our other engines, the PCX module delivers maximum impact with minimal fuss.


Reduced calibration and repair costs

To cut down on calibration and servicing time, the PCX module has been designed with an automated filter and sensor life feature that will notify you of any impending filter or sensor changes, allowing you to get organized before an issue arises. The automated flow control feature, responsible for improving data accuracy, also means that you no longer have to account for flow calibration when installing. Just install, power it on, and you’re good to go! A long-life pump and consistent flow extend the repair cycle of the module, and our Aeroqual Hot-swap program offers seamless calibration and repair with zero downtime.

Want to know more?

The PCX module has been developed entirely in-house by our team of sensor design experts, elevating your existing air monitoring system and creating a new industry benchmark for multi-channel measurement. By pairing your Dust Sentry or AQS 1 with our suite of air monitoring software, Aeroqual Cloud, or Aeroqual Site Contribution, you gain the added advantage of simplifying your operations through a single vendor. If you have any questions about the PCX module or our perimeter monitoring solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d be more than happy to help!

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