We are Aeroqual

Every day, environmental professionals around the world are working hard to protect people and the planet from the impact of air pollution. Since 2001, Aeroqual has equipped them with industry-leading sensor technology, working towards our mission to make it easy to measure the air.

This is our story.

In the beginning


The Williams family, joined Aeroqual as cornerstone investors.

Early believers, the Williams family, joined us as cornerstone investors and provided funding for further product development.


Ozone sensor technology was commercialized by Aeroqual.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved ozone as a sterilizing agent, prompting the team to commercialize our ozone sensor technology into a product used for health and safety monitoring and process control.


Aeroqual released their first ozone portable monitor to the U.S. market.We released our first product, the ozone portable monitor, to the U.S. market. Our portable monitors continue to be popular with professionals and enthusiasts and are used in a variety of indoor, outdoor and industrial applications.
Early years


Aeroqual sensor design and fabrication was brought in-house.

Some kind folks from the government gave us a research grant and we used it to bring sensor design and fabrication in-house, making GSS technology a core competitive advantage.


As Aeroqual grew, a new office was found in the suburb of Mt Eden in Auckland.

We kept saying yes and growing and therefore had to move into larger facilities. Our new home was down an unassuming driveway in the leafy suburb of Mt Eden, in central Auckland – also home of Eden Park, for rugby fans – go All Blacks!

Pioneering outdoor air quality sensing


Aeroqual AQM60 was introduced and became a cost effective and accurate solution for air monitoring.

We released the AQM 60 which quickly became our flagship product. It rapidly gained popularity around the world, as it provided a cost-effective yet accurate solution to measure outdoor air pollution. At last, a real alternative to expensive analyser technology.


Co-Founders Williams and Henshaw published our first scientific paper on the application of low cost sensors for ambient air monitoring applications


AQM 10 particulate matter (PM) monitor was introduced.

On the back of the AQM station, we released our first particulate matter (PM) monitor: the AQM 10 (later to be called the Dust Sentry).


The AQM 60 was used by Quixote Transportation Technologies for road and weather information system monitoring.

Quixote Transportation Technologies (QTT) in the U.S. introduced our AQM 60 for Road and Weather Information System (RWIS) monitoring. QTT was later acquired by Vaisala, who make awesome weather stations (but are still learning about air quality stations).


Aeroqual secured first major industrial network with Vale.

Our first major industrial network was secured with Vale the Brazilian copper giant. Several AQM 60 monitors were installed at Vale sites in Brazil.


The Dust Sentry was introduced. Dust monitoring solutions for construction sites, quarries, mines and roadsides.

Construction sites, quarries, mines and roadsides – we like helping our customers keep local communities safe and the Dust Sentry was perfect for the job. Keeping up with the tech-geek generation, email and SMS alert systems were a neat new feature.


Mark Templeton (CEO) and Carl Beck (sales and marketing) joined Aeroqual.

As the business grew and became increasingly complex, new skills were needed. An experienced commercial team joined us in the form of Mark Templeton (CEO), Noel Davies (Chairman), and Carl Beck (sales and marketing), along with some new investors.

Shifting gears


Dust Sentry passed MCERTS, the pioneering indicative particle monitoring standard of the UK’s Environment Agency.

Proud moment! Our Dust Sentry was the world’s first nephelometer to pass MCERTS, the pioneering indicative particle monitoring standard of the UK’s Environment Agency.


ISO-9001-2008 certified.

With MCERTS under our belt we went certificate-crazy and got ISO-9001-2008 as well. Like most things we picked it up quickly and quality management is now a major part of our culture – CARs, SCARs, OFIs, ECOs, we love that stuff!

A new paradigm


Aeroqual's air monitoring sensors was featured in U.S. EPA's 2014 Air Sensor Guidebook.

The U.S. EPA featured us in their 2014 Air Sensor Guidebook, where our Series 500 portable monitor was highlighted among a handful of manufacturers. We got a mention for our ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide sensors.


New Zealand Trade and Enterprise formed a closer working relationship with Aeroqual as part of Focus700.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) selected us for Focus700, a group of 700 high-growth potential New Zealand companies that receive a higher level of support from the government in their export markets. This began a close working relationship with NZTE that continues to this day.


The AQM 65 air monitoring station was introduced.

What do you call an air monitoring station that’s way better than the AQM 60? The AQM 65 of course! Our taste for obscure naming conventions continues. We made significant improvements to sensor performance, extended the operating temperature and lowered the detection limit for SO2 and H2S.


Aeroqual Cloud, a air monitoring software was integrated with all products sold.

Our air monitoring software, Aeroqual Cloud became standard on all units sold.

Air quality sensing goes mainstream


NYC Department of Environmental Protection monitors local air pollution.

When there’s some strange air pollution in your neighbourhood… Who you gonna call? NYC Department of Environmental Protection kit out a van with an AQM 65 and drive it round town to put polluters in their place.


Aeroqual enters the China market. Beijing EPA purchases 3 AQM 65 air monitoring stations.

Breaking into the China market was hard work. We finally know we’ve cracked it when the Beijing EPA purchase three AQM 65 air monitoring stations for a research project.


A 90-unit PM2.5 monitoring network for Shaoxing Prefecture in Zhejiang Province was set up.

Further success in China with a 90-unit PM2.5 monitoring network for Shaoxing Prefecture in Zhejiang Province.


As Aeroqual grew further, a new office was found in the suburb of Rosebank in Auckland.

Bursting at the seams with a growing team and wanting to expand production capacity, we said farewell to beautiful Mount Eden and moved to new bespoke facilities at Rosebank Road in Auckland.

Advancing low-cost air sensor technology


Particulate matter sensors (PM2.5 and PM10) were added to our portable line-up.

We added the particulate matter sensor to the portable line-up. It measures both PM2.5 and PM10, is lightweight and affordable = happy customers.


Aeroqual AQY 1 air monitoring station was introduced to our core product range.

Meet the AQY, the latest product to emerge from R&D, who managed to keep it secret for almost two years. Small in size, big in performance, the AQY sold strongly from day one.


Drew Dinataman (Business Development Manager) and Bernadette Shahin (Senior Applications Manager) join Aeroqual.

As the business grew in the U.S. Aeroqual Inc was established. We needed hands on the ground to support our business growth, with that we had Drew Dinataman (Business Development Manager) & Bernadette Shahin (Senior Applications Manager) join Aeroqual as our first U.S. based employees.


Several projects that Aeroqual has been involved with around construction and remediation

Aeroqual was gaining momentum across the U.S. construction and remediation markets, winning several major projects across both the east and west coast.

TRC Companies Inc (Construction), SCS Engineers (Remediation) and Long Island Rail Road (Construction) are just some of the customers that we worked with on their projects.


Mark Templeton - Aeroqual CEO - TIN100 Awards

Aeroqual features in the TIN 100 Absolute IT Supreme Scale-up Awards for 2019, as announced at the Technology Investment Network Awards in Auckland.



COVID-19 tested our production capabilities, but we were up to the challenge. Through good stock availability, a robust supply chain, dependable distribution, and remote technical support we delivered the same exemplary level of service our customers expect.


aeroquals ozone monitors aided in safe and efficient ozone sterilization

Aeroqual played an important part in managing the spread of COVID-19, providing ozone monitors to aid in safe and efficient ozone sterilization.


Raydant International


Business growth took a brief pause during COVID, but now we’re firmly back on track. We grew our core business and secured some big wins, such as the Raydant International in Asia project.